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June 11, 2008



I think EVERYTHING about Ross is creepy. I like Jon and Kate, but I haven't seen the new episode yet, and now I'm afraid! There are a lot of things about that show that make me a little crazy.


You know what bugs me about that show? Pretty much everything. I can't watch it either. Can't really pinpoint why, tho.

Jodie Brooks

WOW!!! Brian won't be back until the 27th?? That's going to be a ton of work for you. GOOD LUCK! Have you tried Ann Taylor Loft at the outlet for a dress?? They have some cute ones.
Good luck with the feeling pregnant thing. The movement was the best part of my pregnancies. That would be very difficult for me. Thinking of ya!


Ross having a monkey was really lame.

I watch Jon and Kate occasionally but I really can't stand Kate. She is SO negative and kind of mean to Jon I think.

Can you wear a wrap dress for the wedding? They are very forgiving.

I like your dream.


Ewww I was so squeamish when they showed the scalp removal on J&K plus 8. They could have left some of that footage on the cutting room floor.


Have to laugh out loud because I am watching Jon and Kate right now. My 3 year old is sick and has asked to watch - he really likes it - I think because all the kids are about his age. But yes, it is like watching a train wreck - you can't look away to some degree. It is very busy and there is always a kid crying!!! That is what does drive me a little crazy, but I guess with so many you have to tune it out at some point.

Good luck with the dress - I second the Ann Taylor loft - great place for dresses and reasonable, too.

Good luck with everything!

Minivan Mom

Awwww, don't be hating on poor Kate. I love her. I always think that's EXACTLY how Rich and I would be if we had 8 kids. I think she's remarkably sane for all those kids, frankly. And she has OCD so from what I hear, her house is like that all the time.

And random focuses on an unpredictable order, like chaos. Miscellaneous has to do with variety, a diverse group. A PSA from your friendly high school English teacher. :)


Jon & Kate Plus 8 reeeally bothers me, too! I think her bathrooms are clean because the kids are in the mud room peeing. She is such a control freak!! She doesn't seem to be very loving to her children and most especially not Jon. She acts like the only mother to ever have 8 children or 2 sets of multiples. I don't know what bothers me, but I can't watch the show anymore, either! Love the kids, though!


Wow, haven't watched the show for a bit now, but no wonder her bathrooms are clean....with kids using the mud room! Wouldn't that be more work than wiping down the seat once in a while? I have a boy so I know it needs almost daily wiping of areas when aim is not so good, but sheesh, emptying out potty seats?! NO thank you.
Good luck on the dress. I really have no ideas there. I had a dream I was pregnant also just the other night. To 'feel' that is different...hard to explain, for me anyway. :)


Buckets? Really? Wouldn't that be some sort of abuse? If Small Town Susie had kids that only went potty in buckets, I'm pretty sure the authorities would be knocking on her door.

Just weird, I say.


Is tenthly a word? Ohh... it is, because it didn't get underlined in red! woo!


Nah - I love John & Kate +8. Logically to me I think she probably has them all peeing where she does is simply because there's not enough bathrooms and if her 8 are like my 2 - when 1 has to go - they all have to go! Yeah - she is OCD. I wish I had it - my house would be cleanER ALL the time.


Beth what size are you? (you don't have to answer this publicly) but I have a whole whack of wedding worthy dresses that I'm not using this month and I'd be happy to lend/send one to you!


Wow, you have a lot going on! Congrats on the houses - that's a lot of stress. At least it's not snowing there today... yup, it snowed here again this morning. Make you feel a little better? Let me tell you, it should. There is something wrong about wearing two fleece jackets to take the garbage out - IN JUNE.
The only thing that REALLY bugs me about Jon and Kate is that she's not very nice to him a lot of the time. My husband calls him "a beaten man."
P.S. Babies kicking are the best:-)


I am SO with you on the John & Kate Plus 8 thing. I had it on today for a little bit and she was being a complete "B" to her husband and the kids were whining all over the place and I had to turn it off. I have enough of the whining here, I don't need to watch it on TV too!

Hope June 30th comes very soon for you!


jon and kate puts me in a bad mood. she's a mean woman.


Oh my goodness I recently got into Jon & Kate +8 on a trip and my husband was like, "Make it stop! So much yelling!"... you'd think at some point having a jillion kids would help her LOOSEN UP a little bit.

Adventures In Babywearing

I have never seen Jon & Kate and keep meaning to, but am thinking now that it is not for me. Ick- forreal?



I am addicted to J&K +8, but as for the bathroom thing, i can only hope this plan she has going on is just until they become accident free, and can get to a bathroom on time. :)hey, they are supposed to be to be on the TODAY show today...

Megan (FriedOkra)

I like the show, but something about her just wears me out. Hairplugs? Ew.


Funny, I was just thinking about those comments yesterday. I couldn't remember if you answered them all or not. I can't believe I've been reading your blog since February!

I never watched a whole episode of FRIENDS to be honest with you, so I can not tell you about Ross. I HAVE watched the Jon and Kate show, but not regularly. He is very laid back and she is just to uptight for me.
The kids are adorable. I'll watch it if nothing else is on. Did I mention how uptight she is? Maybe that's why her house is clean. I most definately think she has a cleaning person.


Mark calls Jon & Kate "Jon plus 9" and leaves whenever I watch it. Kate gives him hives, I think.

Do you think packing is like cleaning and it's easier to pack other peoples' junk? Maybe we should trade and pack for each other. Have you started yet? Cause I haven't.


Ross is weird, OK? Give him a break. ;-)
I like J&K+8 but she is definitely a control freak and you know she has to have LOTS of help to keep her house clean. Maybe TLC cleans it for her.
Her husband is whipped.


I never thought about it before, but you're right, Ross owning a monkey is a little creepy.

I love John & Kate, but the hair plug episode did make me sick, I had to keep looking away. Kate has help keeping the house clean, she even has friends that come over and help fold and put away laundry. How nice would that be??


NOT fair at all! Seventhly should get a place in the dictionary if fifthly and sixthly have one.

I have never watched that show, but you have pretty much convinced me not to.
Try Ross for your Dress!
Slacker, at least you answered mine. Congrats on your home sale and purchase (i am jealous, so so jealous).

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