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June 02, 2008



I love love LOVE the third shot of the tree on the ground. It's a framer, for sure. Amazing perspective. LOVE.



Those are gorgeous pictures, Beth.


I just wrote a "pity party" post, then I clicked on over here. And your post is calming and beautiful, as always.

I, too, make the bed every day and do the dishes. I hate waking up to a sinkful of dirty dishes. We must be sisters from another mother, ha ha.

We are THAT family

Amazing photos!

My twin sister gave me a Willow tree figurine when I had a miscarriage. I keep it next to photos of my kids that are still with me.


I love the tree photos! I agree on making the bed, too. :)


That's how I know I am meant to know you.

1) you like evita, Not too many of "us" out there

2) You take photos of trees too and I happen to love trees.

3) We got the Nikon love thing going on

4) I love paying attention to more details via photography.

5) I too want to spend an entire day photographing rural Indiana.

PS you need to share more photos.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

O.K. I have camera envy again. Damn you, Beth!


i'm always blessed by something i find on your blog.
lifting you and your family up, each day, to Jesus.


I love the fact that you threw muffins at a dog. Priceless! Amazing professional looking tree pictures. You're getting good. And congrats on the new laptop. Good choice on the red.

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh, your pictures are great. And that gift. Wow.



The trees are stunning and your photography skills far outweigh anything I could ever dream of doing. I have to say, though, I'm stuck on the photo of your bedroom. There are ONLY three pairs of shoes on the floor. (None of them seem to belong to you). I only seem to get my bed made once a week when I change the sheets and I almost always do the dinner dishes after breakfast the next day. Can we still be friends?

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

Apparently, I'm the only one that sees the profile of a woman on the first picture... and not elephant legs... although after you said elephant legs I could kinda see that.

I saw a woman with her arms back, sticking her chest out and was waiting for some comment about the only figure better looking than this one is barbie...

or something...

it could be because i've been staring at CODE all afternoon... who knows...

great pics and yay! for the new laptop... and when i was talking about craptops last night, i really had no idea that you could relate... :D

Rachel Chip

Oh my goodness, that "two together" is SO WONDERFUL.

June is my month. June 12 was the due date. Fortunately, June is my favorite month, because it's my birthday! and school is over!! But it is bittersweet, because I had been so ecstatic when my doctor had said our due date was in June.

If it helps, May was actually harder for me, because I was waiting for June. But now that I’m here, and it’s sunny and good things have happened, I can see that I will make it through.

I will pray that you make it through June, and that you will have good things in July, too.

Tracy F

What a truly special gift from your sister.


What beautiful pictures of trees and the barn. I love old barns too... the color and texture and usually the tons of greenery growing around them. But your photos are MUCH better then mine would ever dream of being!
What kind of Dell did you get? I've been looking to order a new one too but can't quite decide...


I love the pics! It reminded me to not only take overall pics of my new yard, but to get up close and find great shots as I discover the newness! Thanks!


Photographs? More like priceless art. I love barns, too... I think because my Grandma in Michigan had a big, old, beautiful barn that I can and will never forget. When I close my eyes, I see her barn. I see my Dad. I see myself as a child taking in all the wonder. See? I am a mid-western girl in heart and soul. We have some beautiful barns here in New England, but none like yours! Keep them coming, please!

xo - Sharon


Racecar knows how to do milk art? Golly that kid is talented!

Love the barn and tree shots!


Love your random photos...thank you for sharing with us! :) Keep on loving, girl...it's the best way to help a broken heart.


Neat photographs! I love photography but have never had the 'eye' for it! I love the figurines your sister gave you!! Absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful week! =)

Carrie Walls

LOVE the photographs! I need to know exactly what kind of camera you have. I'm saving up for an awesome one and am wanting all the info I can gather.

Also, I'm trying to loose weight - a lot of weight...I feel like I've been starving. Can you do me a favor and throw me a blueberry muffin?

Here's to a wonderful June - I'll be thinking of you.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse)

Beautiful photography, Beth. I know what you mean. I could stare at barns all day. We had a weekend farm in Lawrenceberg, Indiana when I was growing up. I can still close my eyes and see the barns, covered bridges, and scary walk across swinging bridges (which I could never bring myself to walk across!)


Soo beautiful... I love the photos, I love your soulfulness, and I loved the "love in abundance" gift from your sister -- you and your whole family truly represent that kind of wonderful love... Big smooches and long hugs to you today, this month, the next and the next and...on...and...on forever :)


I love the third tree picture and I really love that you share pictures of your messy bedroom. It makes me feel MUCH better about the state of my room...thanks! Oh, and I also love that you saw how amazing that milk splatter was. You have an incedibly ability to notice details other miss. That's a very admirable quality!


Your posts make me smile, even though I feel your pain in them too. You're a talented girl.

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