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June 04, 2008



YAY for you!! I'm glad you sold your house!

You will find something! Such a quick close too... wow!!

You could always rent one of those PODS and store yourstuff and rent an apt, until you find something. That way, you wouldn't be pressured into finding something right a way.

I am jealous of your red laptop... YAY for you!! :) I hope it is everything you want it to be.

Today is our Spring Sing and it is raining... They said FOG for the day, but here it is raining... :( The Spring Sing is an outdoor concert and the raindate is tomorrow. (more rain tomorrow) I hope your preschool graduation goes well. :)

AND your root canal.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Ooh!! I am so happy for you. I know that you won't be homeless, so it'll be all good. What a great day (besides the root canal part)!

Autumn Dahlia

How exciting!! I just closed on my last Weds and I was SO happy that it was over. Good luck on picking the new one!!


Congrats on selling your house! I have to admit, I'm more than a bit jealous - ours is still on the market :(


Congratulations on finally selling your house!


Okay.. so this totally isn't the same. But we went house searching when we were living in our apartment and just happened to find something we loved and could afford. The process went so quickly and we ended up closing in like 15 days! We went from just living a normal life, to having to move into a house is 15 days! It was INSANE!
So I sorta feel your pain.. i realize its totally different. but the stress and panick attacks are sorta the same... :)


yay! Congratulations on selling your house! What a feat that is! Even though you have to remember passwords, etc.. for the new computer, it doesn't trump the excitement of getting a new computer! Yay for you!

Adventures In Babywearing

I am so excited for you. Hey- are you busy tomorrow night? We could do dinner with the girls and go through the two houses you love and we can help you decide? : ) You know, if you need our help. Or just need to eat.



I love your optimism based on a laptop color!!!

Congrats on selling your house! I just started to move into our new house and I am so glad to be done maintaining perfection and showing our house over and over.

Good luck finding another great house!


Wow, that's a quick close. Congrats on the sale!


Congrats on selling the house! And the new laptop...we just won't talk about having no palce to live. It is overated anyway right...


Wow! COngrats on the house selling (and gulp at the rush to find another one!)

But you're such an incredible person I'm sure you'll find the perfect house in no time!


Congratulations!! (on selling your house, your new laptop, your adorable preschool graduate, and, you know, getting out of bed! sometimes that's the hardest one!) I'm sure everything will work out with finding a new house - how exciting!! What a great way to spend these summer months - busy packing, unpacking, finding just the right spot for everything, finding new "shortest route" to your favorite places. Have fun!


By June 30th? no problem...
because your laptop is Red.

I agree with Steph, girly house tour,then food and then celebrate (because your laptop is red!)

All kidding aside, I am very excited for you and your family and all the wonderful things ahead of you. Good Luck.

and the packing party starts on the 20th??


Congrats on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the blog on PS graduation - you captured what those moment really mean.


Congratulations on selling your house! I'm sure it's a bittersweet feeling! I think it is exciting to move into something new (I know you still have to find it!) but it is also sad to leave a place you have lived (at least it was for me). Try to enjoy the graduation and the new RED laptop today! You will find a new home soon and the root canal will be no big deal! I work in the dentistry field and the first time I saw one done I was like "is this what all the hype was about!" They have a bad reputation but the root canal will be a walk in the park compared to the pain you felt with the toothache! Hope you day goes well!!

We are THAT family

Good for you! I think change is good.

And a red laptop? You just can't beat that!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Thats great!! I was just wondering the other day what was happening with your house. But having 2 to choose from is better than having 0 to choose from so youll be o.k.

Rock on with your new laptop.

Jodie Brooks

Congrats on selling your house. That's a big deal! Your words about your daughter made me cry. I don't have a 5 year old yet, but I'm still so scared to have mine grow up! Time just flies, doesn't it? Between the 2 houses that you LOVE, which one do you see yourselves in? Truely?? Good luck with the decision and all that you have going on right now. Root Canal?? YUCK!!


That's great you sold the house, you'll find a great new house to call home.

I always found that when I'm pushed to do things I do a better job.
Good luck,

Rhonda (Mimi)

How exciting. You will find the right house. I can remember being in the same boat one time and it is a scary feeling.


HOORAY!!! Beth, what a GREAT day it is! You sold your house that is totally totally awesome.

Let's see, how to pick a house? Pick your favorite. Or do eenie-meenie-mynie-mo. Or flip a coin.

And a new RED laptop? I'm so jealous.

Have a lovely distracted day.

Sincerely Anna

Congratulations on selling your house! Sorry about the root canal. Yay for a new, red laptop! Aw, about Ariel's graduation. Big day!

Megan (FriedOkra)

Those laptops come in BIG boxes. Maybe you'll solve two problems in one delivery! Good luck with it all today, lovely lady - I'll be thinking of you!


Congrats on selling your house! In this market, that is really happy and exciting news!

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