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July 11, 2008



I love the USO and thank you and your husband for your service.


This was so touching! I had to fight back the tears.

Teresa - I'm a military spouse, too, so I can understand what you're going through a bit. I can see your strength through your words. You will make it!

Lots of prayers to you and your family.



Thank you for your sacrafice. it means more than you could ever imagine.. my prayers are with you and your family. I hope you continue to find strength to make it through the next 7 months and 28 days! :)

This was a very moving post with a lot of emotion.. thank you for sharing your life with us...

Shirley Brannoch

I am so Thankful for families like your may God Be with your husband and with you and your children. I canot even imagine what it must be like but I know I am very empathetic for our military and their families and these deployments have went on for so long its time for them to come home I pray that your hubby comes back to you safely I know God will be with him and all who serve so bravely. My Grandson was in the military for about 7 years just recently got out he is in Colorado Springs where I think you must also be. He did not have to go to iraq but did go to Korea for 1 year and had to leave his wife and baby girl 8 months old at the time I know how heartbreaking and hard it is for families. Just know we are all thankful for your service and you will be back soon Special prayers for you and your family.

Christy M.

Thank you Teresa for sharing this beautiful story with us. Thank you Dan for serving our country and ensuring our freedom. I am so grateful to the sacrifices that both of you are making for all of us.

Beth has only wonderful things to say about each of you. All the time. I'll keep you in my constant thoughts.


God bless you and your family! I strongly believe that there are two types of soldiers. One type is in the armed services and the other is the love ones at home! Thank you to you and your family!


Thank you Teresa for sharing this beautiful story. Thank you Dan and all the other soldiers that serve for our country. I have asked Beth several times about you and how you handle things when he is gone. I have said this before and will say it again, it takes a special person to be a military spouse. All the things you all go through. My best friend is in the Navy and she says the bond in the military is like nothing you will ever see in the civilian world. Teresa, I will be thinking about your family daily and praying that Dan comes home sooner than you realize. Hang in there and rely on your family and friends for comfort. You are always welcome to e-mail me also if you ever feel the need.

Take care of yourself and those beautiful children.

Thank you to you and your family!!!


When my mil & I and my kids were in the Houston airport, flying to see my husband graduate from the FBI National Academy (after 3 months away from home; it really, really sucks) in Virginia, we saw many, many soldiers hanging out in a little private hallway. I was really intimidated, but really wanted to say something. I finally got the courage to ask, "Are you coming or going?" They said, "We're going." I almost cried, just like I am now. I told them, "Be careful, and come home soon." They said, "Thanks." My mil and I both said, "No. Thank YOU."

I've already said a prayer for your husband, but I'll keep saying them until he comes home safely. I'll also be praying for strength for you and the kids. I really, really admire and respect you and him (and all the rest of the men & women) for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.

Be encouraged, and tell him to be safe.


Man that just ripped my heart out. Thank you so much for the sacrifice your family makes to keep us all safe. I know you'll make it, but it doesn't make it any easier getting through every day. I am adding you, Dan and the kids to my daily prayer list. I know God is watching over all of you.


Teresa, this post is so moving and touching. My heart has been breaking for Dan since we found out he was leaving. These separations are so hard especially when homelife is so wonderful. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you and Ga and Ehtu and his precious little T-Monkey to not have him at home with you. I'm grateful though, that he has such a wonderful, supportive wife and family waiting for him back home. And I know you. You'll constantly shower him with news and long-distance attention until he returns. And you'll handle everything at home with strength and wisdom just like you've done everytime before. I'm proud of you, T-Money, almost as proud as I am of him. And, I'm counting the days with you.


Wow. That made me feel like I was there with you. I'm so sad for what you all are going through. But I thank Dan for his service and his braveness and I pray that he gets home safe and sound.


wow, I hate that you have to do this Again. I wish you and your children the best and the fastest 8 mo possible! I imagined my husband leaving me and my children, who he loves so much for 8 months and just lost it. I can't even fathom what it's like, but thank you.


thank you for sharing this with us and your family's amazing service to our country. my heart was breaking as i read this, just trying to imagine some of what you're going through. i'm happy to be able to pray for you and your family regularly. blessings.


Beth warned us but the tears are flowing and the snot is slinging. What a beautiful post and tribute to your entire family. Please know that you're on my prayer list now and thank you for sharing. Wow.

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

i, too, am crying. I guess because this hits a little close to home? No husband here to ship off, but I've shipped my brother and cousin off several times, and I'm an Army brat, so I've seen my dad go off as well.

I will be praying for your family, for you, and all of the rest of the families affected.



Thanks for the beautiful post. I'll be praying for all of you until he comes home again.


Your sacrifice, both your and your husbands, are a blessing to us all. Thank you, for being Mom and Dad the next 8 months. You are the solider that doesn't get the recognition you deserve.


As an Army wife myself I can say that being an Army wife is definitely one of the hardest jobs--ever! I will make sure to pray that God gives you the strength and peace to carry on until your husband comes home. I hope the time flies by and that he comes home safe and sound. Thank you for supporting your husband during this and his previous deployments. It's a huge sacrifice for everyone--thank you! God bless you!

Amy F.

I've only cried while reading blog posts a handful of times (mainly Beth's!), but this post.... the soldier, his special wife and family, those last moments spent together prior to deployment, and the emotions everyone was feeling...whew...really got to me. Thank you for giving us just a glimpse and sharing such an intimate, yet difficult time in your lives.

I have great respect and gratitude for Dan and all of the men and women serving in the military. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your family is absolutely beautiful. The boys are so handsome and strong. And your daughter, oh my goodness...those curls are adorable!! She is so precious!

I will be thinking of you, Teresa, and of course, Dan, and your sweet family in the coming months. God Bless you all!



Thank you. I have been saying for the last 6 years that I could not ever be an Army wife. I am a military wife. Your job is not one that I would wish anyone to have, but yet, I am so grateful for woman (and men) like you who CAN handle the long deployments. (My husband is in the Air Force) I know what you mean when you say you "survive" it. We made it through our first deployment this last winter. Knowing that you and many others were going through worse than our 5 month stints helped me.

Bless you. You are definately on my list of heroes. Near the very top!


Such an eloquent post...thank you for putting into words what you are going through, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. What a huge sacrifice, there are no words for that except thank you so much.


Teresa, you are a beautiful soul and your soldier Dan is so very lucky to have you and those GORGEOUS kids. I stopped, cried, re-read, cried. All I can say is that you, Dan and your family will be in so many others thoughts and prayers. I can't wait until the day you get to hold your soldier and kiss his beautiful face again.

Dan, you sir are amazing and you have all of our thoughts and love behind you.Know it and feel each day. Thank you and I look forward to your post and updates.

For the both of you. You have a love that is timeless and I just hope 8 months safely fly by. Much love to you both.



Your words were really beautiful. I'll be praying for Dan's safe return to his beautiful family. Thank you to Dan, to all our soldiers, and to all our military families!


I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I was in the military, but never in combat. My cousins have been deployed numerous times in Iraq.

Your strength is amazing. Please know that you have many people behind you helping you get through until the day your husband comes home. Your children are beautiful! Thank you to you and your husband...and all of the men and women in the military...and to their spouses that hold the fort down while their better halves are gone protecting this great country of ours.

Patty Harral

I am praying for you and yours. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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