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July 31, 2008



Sorry to hear about the medical issues, hopefully you will get the dosages straightened out to where they work best for you. I am definitely glad the light at the end of the tunnel is making an appearance for you! ;o)


Um, yeah I agree with mighty mite soul sister. Go to the dr in Chicago. Don't mess around. You are worth it

as far as your foot, I'm emailing you possiblities. It bothers me that doctors want to blame everything on "it's your thyroid". So, that's my two cents.

Light is there hun, it will be brighter!


Health issues totally suck. I wish you quick diagnosis and resolution! Whether you are blogging or not, I'll still be checking in for updates!


I hope you're feeling the sunshine soon. I know how the depression thing sucks (been dealing with it for over 10 yrs. now.) There is hope though. Hang in there!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Stupid thyroid. I hope it all gets worked out soon.

Adventures In Babywearing

You need some sunshine. Maybe you're just missing me? : ) I am thinking of you.



I can't imagine the relief you must feel in knowing there is something causing all your issues. There's nothing better than thinking you just might be THIS crazy and then finding out it can be fixed!

I hope the good days kick in soon.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Yes ma'am, git 'er done. My mom had part of her thyroid out and occasionally she needs a meds adjustment. It's amazing how with one little tweak, about a million weird symptoms just disappear for her. Thyroids do a LOT of stuff. Like the physical plant of the body!


My daycare lady is going through that right now. She walks about 4 miles a day, and couldn't loose weight, at all. She also had the feet pain, water retention and more. She is now taking some meds that seems to be helping a lot.

Hopefully you are feeling better soon!!!

Mrs. Bubba

I'm glad you have more information about what's been causing the way you're feeling. I would also follow up with the doc in Chicago since it's always good to have more than one opinion and everything can't be your thyroid's fault. I'm glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I hope that each day the light comes closer and brighter.


well, I sure hope it helps uping the thyroid meds...damn thyroid, pain in the ass.

HUGS, and here is to having the sun shine on you brighter than imagined...and SOON. :D

I *heart* weight watchers, if you must know ;)

Mary C

Oh, I am so glad you called the Dr. Hopefully that will help resolve some of the health issues. Sending you giant bear hugs!


I know that very bossy, very tiny, 35 week pregnant spitfire that you are talking about...I do whatever she tells me to do also....lol...mainly because I know how very much she loves me and the others in her life!!! Hold tight to that light Beth...it WILL only get brighter!!! Keeping you in my thoughts always!!

ps...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your house, your landscaping, Ariel's bangs, your GORGEOUS niece, etc...thank you for sharing!!!


Hope you feel better soon!

Laura V.

Isn't the thyroid such a fun little gland?! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 12 and over the last 15 years have learned what my body's signals are to it being off. Gaining weight, extreme exhaustion, intolerance to heat/cold and heart PVC's (which is probably what your heart issue is) are all my little clues to call the doc. It's super nice to have it under control because maintaining and even losing weight is so much easier! Right now I'm 32 weeks with #3 and my dose is almost DOUBLE what it is non-pregnant..... I think people w/o thyroid trouble can underestimate just how much that little hormone controls in our body (energy level, weight, hair growth/loss, body temperature, heart rate, MOOD and I'm sure there are others).

I would definitely see the endo. and I know that once you get this under control you'll feel a lot better than you do now (maybe not completely normal, but MUCH better).


Damn straight I'm bossy! And, SO are you my love! :) :) I am SOOO glad that you are calling the doctor. And, I'm up here today; so, I can go by her office and confirm that you and she have talked. :) :) Seriously, I love you dearly and it's so important for you to be relentless in your efforts to get your thyroid back to the levels that help you to feel better. All my love and hugs to you, Your BOSSY Soul Sister...

Sharon - MomGenerations

Twenty-five-some-odd years ago, a very good friend of mine had the same symptoms that you are describing. She was the most perfect physically fit specimen of a woman, then she had her first baby, and everything changed. After months and months of agonizing tests, depression and more weight gain, she did see an endocrinologist in New England who she credits with saving her sanity... and her life. He helped her get everything as under control as possible, and now she has 3 daughters in college and is happily edging into retirement. I adamantly agree with your friends and commenters that excellent medical and mental health treatment is absolutely necessary. The thyroid may little, but it can cause big problems. Get thee to your endocrinologist!


I didn't even think of your thyroid. I should have known better. I always get really depressed when my levels are off. Of course I love to blame everything on my damn thyroid.
Oh, and I would be very afraid of your soul sister...she can be bossy!;-)


I have hypothyroidism too and can totally relate. When its off, everything is off. I find that my emotions are often the first sign that things aren't right. Then the weight gain. And for whatever reason, it just decides to fluctuate. I hope you can get it balanced soon...good luck! ;)

Tara R

yep, my thyroid is bunged up too. Hate it. Drives me crazy and screws up all sorts of things.

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