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July 09, 2008


To Think Is To Create

But was it at least cool to see the hose doing The Snake? Cause it sounds cool. And that right there is a silver lining that you can take to the bank, yo.


Oh mylanta! What a mess. I am so sorry. May you find some unexpected joy in all of this. My mom tells me that. UUGH! You can spit at me here in Texas if you want. That is what I feel like doing sometimes when people (like my mom) say that when something poopy happens.

Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife)

Beth. I can NOT believe this. And I would not have the good attitude you have. I'm pretty sure I'd be defeated. I'm so sorry this has happened. Keep your chin up, girl.


my goodness, that sucks..but what a great attidude! I want that attitude! Best of luck getting it all taken care of quickly so you can put it behind you. Love your new company name!


I admire your spirit, Beth. You are incredibly strong. Finding water in a new house like that is horrible. Our first week that we moved into our house, we heard dripping downstairs and came down to find the entire ceiling completely soft and full of water. Our roof problems plagued us until this summer when we could FINALLY afford a new roof and gutters. Hugs to you my friend and I hope you can get settled in and everything restored soon!!

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