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July 23, 2008


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Stand your ground, woman. Don't let those sorry ass beetles invade your home turf...or dirt. Whatever.


I say you have to introduce the "real" you to the neighbors early. At our last house, I didn't meet the neighbors for...ready? EIGHT MONTHS! And who knows what they thought of me. Now they only love me cause I make cheesecake.

I'm glad you got the beetles under control. I would have done the same thing. Damn bugs.


oh my goodness, beth, i was cracking up at that image of you and what your neighbors must be thinking....glad you realize they were probably watching you, too. =)

lovin' the helmets.


"take that bitchass beetle"

oh my gosh, I mentally see a tagline or a button of some sort with that.


Have no fear, JC plays with his helemt as well. I think it's normal. I'm sure your neighbors love your beetle kickin' ass.


That's hilarious! You get'um!


We've got beetle issues here too. The leaves on our bushes look like lace. It's not good. I love the fact that your kids kept helmets on their heads while playing outside even if they weren't riding their bikes. I am sure our new neighbors think we're insane. I was chatting to a new neighbor who came over to introduce herself and in the background guess what my kids were doing? Peeing in the grass in the middle of the yard with their shorts down to their knees! Talk about embarrassment!

Laura H

Haha, my 2yr old son play with his helmet like that, too. He can't even ride a bike, but he insists on wearing that helmet.. even inside the house! Can't wait to read about the awful woman who sold you the trees (looks beautiful, btw).

Deconstructing Jen

Hahahaha! There are so many things about this that frighten me and crack me up at the same time. Why can't you be my neighbor? My kids would play with your kids in bike helmets all day and LOVE it.


"Kick some beetle ass." Priceless! Don't let those bastards get your way cool trees. We haven't landscaped our backyard yet and I really like those trees and the fact that you chose them for your boys. Would it be insulting if I ended up planting the same kind? Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all that...

Glad to read that you're up and kickin' ass today. I think of you often.


Great mental picture in my head. :o) Too funny.... be prepared for more beetles in about 7 to 10 days. They seem to cycle through, just my observation.


You're hilarious Beth! =) I love the kids in their helmets! LOL.

Megan (FriedOkra)

At least you can get your kids to WEAR their helmets! With mine, it's like pulling teeth to get it on her head, and she rips it back off the minute my back is turned. Much the same story with shoes, too.

GO BETH. You give 'em beetles what fer, girl!


I hope you get the shirts that say "I kick beetle ass!" Way to stand up for your trees.


Hi Beth,
I stumbled into your blog a few months ago. My prayers are with you and your young family. There are no words that will lessen your grief, but please be patient with yourself.
I have a real problem with "lily beatles". When I read about how you attacked your beatles I got hopeful that maybe your method would work on my lily beatles... what did you use? Our beatles are disgusting and they keep laying eggs etc and chewing through the leaves too -- they totally make a mess out of them but thankfully they don't eat any other plants.
Would you mind mentioning what chemical you used?
Take care of yourself,


You are hysterical. I was in tears picturing you out in your yard, dancing around, cussing at beetles and spraying your trees...except in my mind you had a beekeeper outfit on. LOL! I love it!


You make me laugh. And my kids used to play with their helmets on too...especially my soon who is almost 11. Someone gave him an actual skateboarding helmet and he wears it even when he's not skateboarding. My daughter is 3 and wears a football helmet ALOT of the time.

Get in touch with me about the mulch. I can get you a pretty good deal from where I work...delivered. We have gold, red, and brown.


You mean kids don't normally wear their bike helments all day long? Boo does in spurts. More work to take it off I guess.

Those beetles are nasty! Good work!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt

Oh honey, I've long since given up hope of our neighbors thinking us normal :)


"Bitch ass beetle"??? Oh my goodness you were funny tonight.

Did you have to Google the Karate Kid to know how old he is? Or are you one of those random trivia people that piss me off?


Laughing because I too have attacked the bitchass beetles! We planted a tree in the front yead for the baby we lost and when the beetles come my husband sprays in the afternoon. So every morning I go out first thing and shake it until the beetles fly off...I never thought about what the neighbors might think (why is that crazy woman shaking the tree) just that the beetles had to get off my tree.


Ralph Macchio can NOT be 47!! That is blasphemy!

Did you go to the concert? How was it? There is a song on his new cd that always reminds me of you when I listen to it. How weird is that? I don't even know you (well at least not in real life). Anyway, let me know if you have the cd and I'll tell you what track. Or I'll send it to you if there is such a way to do such a thing. You would know better than me if that is possible because you are a tech girl and I am so not a tech girl.


You go girl!

Adventures In Babywearing

Ralph Macchio used to adorn my closet doors. He still looks good for 47, I think...



"Time to kick some beetle ass!" bwahahahahaha...that made me laugh out loud. I feel like I am doing a similar thing in our ENORMOUS garden. Only...its grasshoppers. grasshoppers everywhere.


I love how your kids are playing in there helmets. Maybe the new neighbors see you as just a little over protective? HA!

Hope the beetles stay away!

I've left a little suprise for you at my place, if you have a chance come see! : )

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