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Laundry Buttons

« Sunday, July 13th, 2008. 3:29 p.m. | Main | Pictures. »

July 15, 2008


Carrie Walls

YEAH - A HUGE post today - I will continue to check in. And pictures - I love your pictures. I know you've been so busy and get so many comments that you can't possibly answer them all, but if you get a chance to really quickly tell me what kinda of camera you have, I'd appreciate it tremendously. I'm looking to buy one in the next couple weeks and I've done sooo much research and still can't make a final decision. Thanks a bunch Beth!

And my arms are around you this week.


Glad that you are going to post pics!! I've been waiting to see some more of your beautiful new house. I am glad that you are doing OK, I pray that you are able to find peace through this next week. I can't imagine how dificult it must be, but just know that there are many people all over that are praying for you. Have a great day!


you are AMAZING that why you deserve amazing people around you. :)

yay for getting DSL, can't wait to see the pictures and here your updates!

List Mama

I just arrived here from Mom Advice. Looks like you are about to give birth? Did I read that right?? Congratulations! I have 3 of my own, but gratefully I am done having children possess my body. Enjoy the experience!!



Can't wait to see pictures!


I haven't come by in a few days. Please thank your brother and sister-in-law for their service to our country.

It means more than words can say.


I'm all about the photos.
and DSL.



We missed you.. and we're very glad that you dont have to freeze.. or sit in your car to post anymore...

glad your back...

Can't wait for a post..


oh.. how badly I wish I could hack into your blog and erase comments... my heart absolutely sank when I read "that" comment... I immediately thought.. "How can I fix that.. How can I make her not see that..."
But I can't.. I'm sorry.. Just remember what you were saying.. people don't know all the circumstances all the time..
And apparently Jen didn't read all the way through the last post.. I'm sorry..

List Mama

Oh my. Please accept my apologies. I am truly sorry.


Deconstructing Jen

YAY for DSL!!!! I'm so glad you are connected again and I can't wait to see pictures!

To Think Is To Create

Hold me back...

Adventures In Babywearing

I am so hoping this declaration: "Right now at this moment, I feel stronger and that feels so very good to me." holds true no matter what today...



My turn:

Don't get me started, don't even get me started.


Yay! You have DSL again! That must feel like your right arm has been reattached!


Beth, glad you finally got DSL. I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures! Hugs to you!

Anissa @ Hope4Peyton

This is not about me in any way, but I have been to 5 funerals for little ones this year. I have held sweet friends while they grieve for the loss of their children and prayed many nights for the peace in their hearts to get through each moment. I can't fathom your pain and I hope that you find yourself surrounded by love and comfort each day.

Many prayers.
Anissa @ Hope4Peyton


Glad you are back! :) Can't wait to read the long post later.


Hey blackberry, I know you're there... tell Beth to be careful not to neglect you now that she has DSL and all.

Just looking out for you blackberry since you've carried her through the rough times!


Here's some hugs to save for when you need them. I send good thoughts your way every single day!


Yeah Pictures and a huge post!! Very cool.


Glad you're ok. Can't wait for the post.

*jumping up & down with anticipation*


Hallelujah for the Internet! LOL. Glad you'll be back "live" from your new home and no longer sitting in the parking lot of Panera! =P Glad you're feeling better today!


Stay ok, lean on good friends, and know you're loved and prayed for.

Ann G

Yeah!! DSL is a big blessing!! Hope you are still doing ok...love ya!

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