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July 15, 2008


Jill @ Live Laugh Blog

Oh, it's beautiful! And, I for one, would love to see MORE pictures!!

Christy M.

I love all the shots! And I can' wait to take some pictures of BJ at that park. And Mia too!

You gots to get that desk cleaned off before I arrive. Ruby needs a place to hang out with Roja, in the headquarters, yo!

Hugs and kisses ;)

Sincerely Anna

Great pictures, Beth! I know it's late at night but I got really emotional looking at them. I love the tree picture, too. I've had good luck with Shutterfly's enlargements.


Those pics are beautiful! Kids are very cute. Great job!


Love the outdoor shots and would love to see more house pics! I know my dad-in-law prints pics, frames them and hangs them up in my in-laws house. I'll have to ask where he goes. I thought he said Costco at one time. When I find out I'll be sure to pass the info on. :)


Beautiful pics and no we aren't satisfied, we want more!!!

I have used kodakgallery.com - they are inexpensive and the quality is good. You upload your photos over the internet and then order the size you want. You can even pick out borders and frames etc. they come quickly too - and you can either have them shipped directly to you or to your local CVS Pharmacy.


I'm officially adding the Nikon D40X to my wishlist. Holy cow! Those nature pics are stunning!!! And of course the house, too. Of course we want more of them.

Adventures In Babywearing

Beth, your photos are amazing. I saw that sky- last Thursday, right? It was incredible.


Rachel Chip

The lilypad photots are my favorite! And I love seeing the house - it's beautiful! I especially like the square sort of wall hanging on the office wall...very cool.

Midwest Mommy

Ok, so what setting did you have your camera on to get those great shots.
I have a canon EOS20D but I am ashamed to say I still use auto focus :-(
great shots!


The pictures are wonderful. More photos would be even more wonderful.


I LOVE seeing your new house! I'd like more photos! You decorate so well!

We are THAT family

Awesome photos...I have the same camera, except mine doesn't work as well. Probably just the person behind it! But could be a factory defect!


More please! :)

Megan (FriedOkra)

BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL. More pictures, please! (Be careful and don't bump your head on that light fixture... I used my dining room as a playroom for awhile - now it's just nothing -- and I actually caused myself to bleed a few times cracking into it. OW!

Jen at I should be cleaning...

I talented writer...and photographer? Wow! Beautiful pictures -- can't wait to see more!


Your pictures are great!! Would love to see more. I love taking pictures also and don't do it often enough. This makes me want to go right now. Thanks for sharing!

Paula in TN

Hi, Beth... you don't know me and this is my first time to post, but I have been reading your blog now for months...about the time you lost James and Jake..how I got to you is a long story that I will have to tell you sometime...but for now I want to tell you HOW BEAUTIFUL your pictures are! I love the one of the children on the bridge...you must get that one framed!
I would love to see more pics of the house...your kitchen looks wonderful...have those fans helped any? will they save that beautiful floor? I hope so...
I will write to you personally and tell you just how I found your site... but for now enjoy the rest of your summer...enjoy those beautiful children...my girl and boy are now 28 and 24... the girl is having her first baby (girl) in late November and we are really excited... :-) our first grandchild!

Just want you to know that you are in my prayers daily.. :-)

Paula in TN


love the outside shots

love the inside ones too

also, i really like the art on the wall in the office

pictures are always great, and i always want more

sarah m.

More pictures! More pictures! You have such an amazing talent, Beth. I could probably see the same thing & not even realize how beautiful it is. But you have a way of making the simplest things look magical. Thank you for sharing them!


I love the photos!! Love the headquarters, glad the kitchen is drying out, LOVE the bridge with the kiddos, LOVE the tree.

L always goes snapfish/walmart/whatever---if you order them to be done mail-order (so they are developed at a lab, not next to the freezer case or whatever) with a matte finish, they turn out great. Sam's club 1-hour service has let us down too many times to count, so we're done with them. They are the only ones blacklisted though.


Love the pictures, Beth. You've sold me on a Nikon (my 4-year-old has just about done in my trusty Fuji). Trying to decide between the D40 and D40x. Would you recommend one over the other?

Laura H

I love the pictures.. more please :)

Question.. where do you guys eat now?? On the island in the kitchen? Or do you have another dining room? Just curious! :)


Fabulous pictures! I love the ones of the kids on the bridge. There is just something about children on bridges... that is one of my favorite places to photograph mine! And beautiful house as well! I have used Imagekind and Winkflash to enlarge some of my photos for framing... you can usually find coupon codes online to make it cheaper.

Jessie Z.

I love these pictures! I would love to see more of that BEAUTIFUL house. I am totally jealous...but in a excited for you way. You kids are just so cute. Keep the pict coming! Hope your day is a good day! =)

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