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July 31, 2008



Pictures would be fabulous. I cannot wait to see it. Mentally, I picture a house so stunning, I will have to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Minivan Mom

Oh, I'm crazy alright.

Crazy like a FOX.

Just you wait, before you know it you'll be contributing to the National Democratic Party, going to pro-choice rallies, and signing petitions to overturn the Texas Education Agency's pro-creationism science curriculum.

Stick with me sister. We're going places and making change. Booyah!


Hi Beth,
I live in the same small town as you do and I just wanted to warn you about the "bright" clean grocery store. The other day my kids were going to the beach with some friends and I was running late so I ran to Jewel to get a watermelon for them to take with me. I quickly paid and put the watermelon on the front seat of the car and got the kids in the back. I live right accross the street from Jewel and in my 1 min. ride home the watermelon exploded not a little a lot all over me and the front seat of my car. Still running late I decide to just cut the watermelon and send it with my kids. I get everyone in and start to cut it and it smells like death. I put it in a bag get everyone back in the car go back to Jewel and the lady tells me to get another one. I go over and all of the watermelons are hissing and breaking open. I decide just to get my money back and the lady tells me she is done with watermelon for the season because she went to Wiseway and cut open her watermelon (she didn't notice the small hole in the bottom) and there was a dead mouse in her watermelon. I don't think it is just Walmart.

Kris J @ NSQSA

I really dislike walmart too. Unfortunately that is all we have here, unless we want to drive over an hour to the closest target.

Thank goodness for Kroger for groceries. I only go to walmart for other household items.

Laura V.

I'm just commenting to say YUCK to Lucy's comment. That seriously made me want to throw-up. I think maybe I'm just going to stick with my little back yard garden and the Farmer's market, at least until winter comes and I have to figure out another solution......


Cuz, breakin' up is hard to do...

That's all. Stay strong sister, stay strong.


We are a Walmart free household here too - you are not alone! *wink*


Well, I kinda love Wal-Mart. And the title of your blog today!

Adventures In Babywearing

I was going to say that you should definitely check out the European Market, if you're up for it, on Saturday mornings or I can get you the name of some organic places that deliver. Otherwise, I guess we must beware of fruit!



Walmart free here - unless it is something we absolutley can not live without.. like we are going to die or something.

short story
my wallet was stolen, the back would not float four checks (two expensive to monitor) closed the account. called all four stores. Walmart said no problem.

Walmart sent paperwork. filled it out, said wallet was stolen, sent a noterized letter, plus copies of a police report. sent new check.

phone rings, it is walmart. would not accept a new check from me - even if my mother wrote it. had to get a certified check.

hang up the phone, go to the mail box.

get letter from local walmart saying if I didn't pay my returned check in 10 days they would send my information to the sheriffs dept and have me arrested for writing bad checks.

go down to said walmart and talk to store manager - he also made me out as a criminal.

spoke to police department - said just get them said check.

thus, we no longer shop at walmart.

Christy M.

You know how I feel about Walmart. I hate it, but don't have a choice sometimes unless I know in advance I need a big item (i.e. carseat, stroller, etc.) and can order it online or get it when I'm in Houston or Austin, or order it online.

So you know, if you break up with Walmart, that means you have to break up with walmart.com to, sista. Uh-huh. It does. SMFD!!!


My husband calls Wal-Mart the evil empire :-) Unfortunately, like many others in small towns, it's the only (except for Dollar General) game in town. Interestingly enough, we have one of the few that aren't a Super Center but I think it's because the woman who owns 51% of Associated Grocers lives here!


I use to be a Wally World junkie, I mean two or three times a week until I moved to a place that WW was not just down the road and I started playing the Grocery game which is basically using your coupons and sale ads to get the best prices on things. I quit going to wally world, I stopped buying stuff I really didn't "NEED" at that moment and I started stockpiling stuff that we do use regularly with very little money because of Grocery Game (google it) and I get a lot more stuff for about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I was spending at Wally World aka Evil Empire (my DH calls it that too Christie! LOL) so now I only go if they have something no one else carries and I absolutely cannot find it between the groceries, CVS, Target, Amazon online or Kohls (for clothes) which is about once every 5 or maybe 6 months and I get THAT item and I GET OUT! Seriously. I don't even go to Sam's Club anymore. We have BJ's up here, like a Sam's but more selection and they take COUPONS!!

Hang in there! You will feel better being free of the Evil Empire!! So will your wallet!! :-D

BTW- Like the new digs! I've been out of the loop for a while :-D

Cereal Dieter

I love Wal-Mart myself... I even used to work at one for a bit during a lay-off.

Love the pics of your house!!!


Breaking up is hard. I tried to do it with Target, but I wasn't strong enough. Truth is, our walmart has wayyyy better prices than Target and it is only 6 miles from me as opposed to target which is about 35..but target, they just have such great clothes that fit me and I like them and they're pretty and I just can't stop.


The movie is Wal-mart: The high cost of low prices. You will never look at Wal-mart the same. I feel guilty when I shop there now.

That watermelon story in the comments section is grossssssssss!

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