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July 10, 2008


Bluegrass Mama

I'm mostly a lurker here, feeling your pain with the leak, having been through some myself. I say let the bangs grow out!


Beth, I'll talk to you. I'm having my roof replaced over a 3-4 day period. Today being day 1, and next Tuesday will be day 4. It's noisy and hard to work with all the noise overhead. I love the new Fresco Bean Burrito at Taco Bell. Something about pico de gallo really gets me. I have to say, though, that if how you are posting makes you mother of the year, then I am definitely right up there with you. You are not the first mom to stick a sucker in her kids' mouths for some peace and quiet. Heck I did it 2 days ago! Hope things smooth out soon for you. Have a margarita, they make life more tolerable!


Well its nice to see blog posts from you, nice as the guest posts were. Anyway just to let you know the best basic not huge burgers around are Sonic's regular and Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe.

In other blurbs...I think a guilty pleasure you should pick up to help wallow through the craziness of your life right now is Desperate housewives. Especially if you start back with season one. You can even see if a library in your library district/city, etc has them so you don't have to worry.

Anyway good luck with life. It sucks sometimes. But we love it for the times when its amazing.


Wow! I had to go back and read yesterday's post to see what you were talking about. I'm so sorry! At least you're starting out with REALLy memorable memories!

Minivan mom

I don't get the appeal of bug bites. They taste like all the other little bite size graham snacks to me...meaning they're okay, but nothing to blog home about.

But then, I didn't like Wall.E either, so apparently I'm in some weird alternative continuum with my personal preferences lately.

Let's see, what's up with me. We're seriously considering getting another dog, because I haven't completely lost my mind yet and I want to see what happens when it's actually left the building. The boys had their 6 month check-up today and did not have any cavities, but Bailey will need to have braces in the next few years.

Damn kids and their damn expenses. When will it be about ME? Mamma needs a new ring and a watch.

Uh...that's about it.


I'll tell you all kinds of interesting things about me.....

1. I am ready to ship out my independent, willful, driving me crazy 2.5 yr old son. Would you like him?
2. You introduced me to Bug Bites as well. Last night, I dipped them in homemade whipped cream and it was delicious. I want to try dipping them in chocolate next time. Did you know the only place that carries them around here is Walmart? It's a tragedy, I tell you.
3. I am no longer exercising (at least for the time being). However, I am making the most of my gym membership. I drop the kids off at the child care center, then head to the cafe in the gym (it's one of those fancy gyms) or the pool, ALL BY MYSELF. It's sinful, but heavenly.
4. I am going to San Antonio this weekend with your business partner Ruby. I wish you could join us. And you have to promise me that if you ever do make it to Texas, then you have to make the time to meet me. Because I am wonderful. Really.
5. I love your blog. And visit regularly. I wish I wrote as well as you. You write from the heart and I feel as if you are talking directly to me.


Hi Beth
Im a come and go lurker..I know shame on me. I've been following your story and have sent prayers and thoughts your way.
Hopefully things will work out with the mini flood.
You should totally get a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard at Dairy Queen. I haven't had one yet but oh my goodness that should cure what ailes ya. :)
Yes I am random girl.

Sarah M.

Glad to see you're not still swimming in your kitchen, Beth! Here's a few random thoughts for you:

-Liquid nitrogen is painful. Learned that lesson today at the dermatologist.

-My crazy boss grills steaks & bakes casseroles for her dogs. Mac & cheese w/ tomatoes is their favorite. She & the 2 of them eat off the same fork. Reasons #217 & #218 why I call her my crazy boss...

-I got a kitten a few weeks ago that I named Lucy. I'm getting another one this weekend that I'm either going to call Ethel or Ricky depending on its equipment if you know what I mean.

-I have a hot date tomorrow night! And he's cooking for me!! It's only our 2nd date, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to propose just because he likes to cook. At least then if we have kids they won't starve.


Hi blackberry, this is a mom of four boys who's insanity and/or exhaustion level has reached an all time high today (I can't tell which). I'm sitting at the kitchen counter with my laptop trying ignore that my children are not cleaning all the crap they left all over the backyard today while I was at the urgent care clinic with boy #3 who rode his bike off the edge of our deck and needed xrays of his arm, which I was confident was broken, but the doctor with the bedside manner of a goat could not find a break (how'd you like that run-on sentence?). By the way blackberry, would you tell Beth to ignore the Bug Bites and go straight to the Dove chocolate bites with caramel inside, which I'm sneaking from the drawer so I don't have to share any with my kids. Can you tell I'm finishing day 3 out of 4 of hubby being out of town??? He's hobnobbing with work people at the Venetian in L.V. while I just had to yell at my dog for trying to eat my hamburger helper, which is really elkburger helper around here. Can I go to bed yet? Hang in there.


1- Let the bangs grow. Unless you hate your forehead. The only reason I think people should have bangs is if they hate their forehead.

2- I have a box of bug bites in my pantry, and I refuse to give them to the kids, because I can't have them. I'll probably take them to the babysitter's next week, so I don't have to pout not knowing the wonderfulness that they are.

3- Tomorrow, I am having a molar extracted while I am knocked out. They will be removing some combination of the molar, and any given number of wisdom teeth. Because nothing in my life can ever be simple.

I hope things perk up around your parts real soon. You totally deserve it!


Hey chicky.I'll give you my most random post ever. That's how I roll...

JC won't stop asking for bug bites (thank you very much for the box).

Don't cut your bangs. I love your hair right now. LOVE it.Trim them only.

The "dry" spell is over can I get an amen? AMEN.

You and Christy rocked the 5 minutes for mom.I love it and it has improved their site greatly...you girls are awesome and are going places.

I hope all your comments make you smile and remind you how much you are loved.

Today is my 2 year bloggin' anniversary. Time flies.

I don't go to taco bell around here, it's really scary and dirty, so I wouldn't know the first thing about ordering...

JC made a muscle arm at dinner tonight. He then pointed to his bicep and then his fist. He then went on to tell me this is his "gun" and these were his "missals" in the best 7 year old mr. t voice. That in fact was the funniest thing I saw and heard all day.

and that's all I got...


I love Taco Bell chili cheese burritos. Hardly ever go there, I'm the only one who will eat there, but I do love those burritos. Darn, now I'll have to go there tomorrow and there will be much w-h-i-n-i-n-g about it. Cheetos are my favorite sneaky pleasure too. I won't even buy them they embarrass me so much, but every once in a while...

I don't know about the bangs. Your pictures look really good now though.

I have not tried Bug Bites. Now I will. They look yummy. My son will probably love them, and my youngest daughter doesn't eat anything anyway.

I've never checked out 5 minutes for mom, so now I will. Thanks.

Also, I'm sure I will love the new name, but I'm not checking it out until I post this already.

Good luck, you have my empathy. Water messer are the worst ever--and I've dealt with a fire (small) and a lightning strike. Take it one hour at a time and keep the lollipops handy. You do what you have to do, you know?

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

your design looks great... :D (both here and at 5M4M)


Hey! I'm just a mom who has found your blog through a friend...never blogged before, EVER, but I am quickly becoming an addict! I have laughed and cried while reading your tales...and felt obligated to respond when you asked for help/communication; I don't know your name, or where you live...but I feel a fondness and a strange connection to your life and wish you nothing but happiness! As for the kids bouncing on each other in the backseat, I totally hear you! Whatever buys you a few minutes of sanity is worth the slurpee at the corner store, or the bag of chips, or the treat from Walmart. I am burnt out too, and lately feel like nothing short of a "guilt sponge" for my kids. "This too shall pass" is what my mother always says to me...she of course has the comfort of being a grandparent and no longer a parent, so I'll take that advice with a grain of salt;) Hang in there! You are bloody hilarious and I hope you continue on with your blogs...what a fantastic read. Take care!

Megan (FriedOkra)

Yeah, let the bangs grow. When you hit middle-agedness like I have, you'll need them to cover up your forehead wrinkles, so enjoy a sleeker look while you can. My hair looks SKANKY and AWFUL right now and I need to so something about it but I'm at a standstill as to what that something IS. Been kickin' around a crewcut but all my Tweets nixed that idea right quick. Oh well, sorry Jamie Lee Curtis, I will not be joining you afterall.

How is it that someone who loves the idea of Taco Bell so very much still has yet to ever actually eat at one? It just ain't right. I don't know what I'd order but I'm keen on a burrito usually so maybe that?

My college roommate and her two kids are coming to visit B and me tomorrow. It never ceases to delight me, seeing her children and my baby girl playing together - we'd have never guessed such a thing would happen later in our lives, back when we used to fall asleep talking about boys and hair in our own little room, in bunk beds, as Frank Sinatra crooned lullabies to us on her "boom box." We are lucky to have one another, and to be together, both of us so far from home but each finding a little corner of home in the other's familiar eyes. God does some mysterious but amazing things, He does.

Neurotically Yours!

I almost cut bangs last time I got my hair cut but I chickened out. I am so impatient!I hate growing them back out and when I want them long again I. Want. It. Now. I agree with Laurie - unless you hate your forehead.....

I order nothing from Taco Bell. Never. (Well, except what the kids get when me and hubby go on a date.) I so craved Taco Bell when I was pregnant with my oldest. Actually, is there a stronger word than crave?? If so, that would be what it was. Anyhoo, I got sick after eating Taco Bell when I was 8 months pregnant and haven't eaten it since. Don't worry, he's only 16, maybe I'll get over it ;)

Our summer seems to be flying by this year. We just got back from vacation this past weekend and that went by waaaayyyy too fast. Next week is VBS for my girlies and I'm so excited to have 4 hrs everyday to myself - does that sound bad??

Well, I think I blabbed on long enough. Plus you may ask so more important questions tomorrow so I don't want to run out of things to say :)


Smile...someone from the mid west is thinking and praying for you! I hope things start looking up for you!

And as for the bangs, I have had side swept bangs and am currently letting them grow out. I don't have time for the trims they require. Who am I kidding? My hair always ends up in a ponytail no matter how I cut it.

I will have to check out Bug Bites. But, from telling by a few of the comments, they might not be that great of a help as I am trying to lose those last 5, 6 or 7 pounds.

My girls are upstairs yelling...time for baths and bed for them. The laundry of course will yell my name as soon as I tuck them in.

Good night lovely!


Let's see...

I love Bug Bites. Bought them for the kids tried them and hid them. I can only find them at the SUper Wal Mart though.

I get the Baja Beef Chalupa at Taco Bell but we never got there because in my one horse town the Taco Bell is not a drive thru. Can you imagine that. I just don't like get the little buggers out of the car sometimes.

But these days we don't even go out of the house. It is so dang smokey here in Northern California the kids can't even go outside to play and they are driving me crazy. Note to self... buy suckers.

Bangs... if you do it you better post a pic. I keep thinking about it but it's one of those things that is so hard to take back. It takes so long to grow out. I guess you could always stop by Target and get some cute clips if you really don't like it.

Did you know tomorrow if free slurpee day at 7-11 on 7-11 and if you dress like a cow you can get free food at Chick-fil-A. There are my random thoughts for the day.

Have a great night and don't forget to blink when reading all these comments on that blackberry.


Hi, Beth,
I hope your house is drying out! What a mess-I admire your strength in dealing with it - it's just "stuff"...
Here's a tidbit for you...My fiancee...of 24 years...(Dave) and I are getting married in Reno next week. Whoo Hoo!!!


I AM the burrito supreme at Taco Bell when I am in my swimsuit. I'm just sayin...


You crack me up. When our daughter was little we sat in the parking lot of Caribou and watch The Office before we had high speed internet at home and we had missed an episode! Ha! At Taco Bell, I LOVE the crunch wrap supreme until I looked up the calorie count and they have like 5000 calories! Ouch! My summer is going well. Just haven't gotten out camping as much as we would like to. OH and I just bought those Bug Bites for the first time the other day and the box is gone. I think I ate every single one of them. So yummy! And I say keep the bangs.


I am laughing out loud at the image of you in your car with the kids in the back. I have loaded my kids in the car for a ride just for the containment factor. I heart five point harnesses. Hope you got a ton of emails today and that it made the day pleasant for you! Hope that kitchen drys out quickly.


Nacho Cheese Chalupa, Beef.

They reheat well the next day, therefore I cannot disclose the quantity I order. Ahem.


Okay - I LOVE Panera. And you keep referring to it, making me even more jealous because we have like 2 in the entire Atlanta area and I don't leave near either! Have you had the IC Caramel or whatever they are calling it these days?!?!?

Also, about the bangs...are they in or out? I ask because I am considering getting some cut this weekend at my hair appointment and am just not sure. They do take awhile to grow out...that is one negative if you don't like them. Good luck deciding...


I'd be more than happy to chat, especially because my husband just started an intensive Biblical Greek course this past week, which goes for 5 hours a day (every day for 7 weeks), and requires 6 hours of studying every night. We dont have any babies yet, so I need SOMEBODY to talk to. Because he's holed up in his office studying Greek again. And will be for 6 more weeks.
So yeah, I'd be happy to talk to you.

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