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July 10, 2008



lol...my husband says i'm the queen of random so hopefully this entertains you for a little bit.

supreme steak chalupa no lettuce with a side of guacomole(how in the world do you spell that?)and a large mountain dew.

i haven't tried bug bites yet..i have however recently tried naturals mallow-oats cereal which is really just the organic version of lucky stars and i have to say i was really impressed.

i saw squash grow out from a plant the other day and i was very excited. i am very in awe of farming and milking cows...grew up in the city and you know how the grass is always greener on the other side.

i tried to start an herb garden.

it wasn't so successfull.


i did grow ONE pepper though.

i named him jerry.

i painted something for you at a local pottery place...but it didn't come out very well and i was embarassed. it's in installments but maybe someday i'll finish it and actually mail it to you.

maybe you won't laugh when you see it.

i think you're pretty special.

we saw a rainbow the other day and it reminded me of the double rainbows you saw.

then i had to explain to my husband the story about god's promise with the rainbows from the bible.

i believe somewhere in heaven my grandma is shaking her head.

i miss my grandma.

i made something that reminded me of home today and while making it i remember how my grandmother used to make this dish with me when i was little and would let me wrap it all up like take away because we never had much take away.

i miss her.

i got married to my husband with her ring.

........thinking of another subject.

have you tried the coffee cake at panera?

it's very yummy.

my husband and i fight over the cheese ones.

okay...i think that's enough rambling.

hopefully, that entertained you.



I just got taco bell this weekend after the John Mayer concert. I ordered some sort of wrapped item. It was a soft taco covering a hard taco and it was shaped like a pentagon. I have absolutely no idea what it was called, but it was so good. It comes with beef but I asked them to substitute it with chicken.

I looked for bug bites when I was at Target the other day, but didn't see them. Will they be near the Teddy Grahams? Maybe they're all sold out because Beth at Folding Laundry keeps talking them up so much. :)

I say cut the bangs, but it sounds like I'm in the minority here.

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