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Laundry Buttons

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July 10, 2008



If your cut your bangs, then I'll get bangs too. I haven't had bangs in...ummmm...decades! I flip-flop on the issue so much and then decide not to do it because you can't turn back. But I hate my hair - seriously dude. Hate it.

Something interesting......I am so excited because I just got my first contest sponsor (still unofficially). Up until now I have been a poor little blogger who pays for all of her own contests!

I'm really happy because my mom is coming to KC to visit on the 1st. This is her first trip since Dad died in January, and she is really excited. It's really heartening to see her interested in something again.

BTW, aren't BlackBerrys AWESOME???? I love mine - I call her Betty. I am a dork.


bug bites ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE them..... Taco Bell.... Baja beef chalupa... New business name? About to check it out! Keep your chin up!! :o)

Sincerely Anna

You are crazy for wanting to do anything drastic to your hair right now. Don't do it, friend. But if it was me, I'd do it :)

I order a beef chalupa and an order of nachos (just the chips and dip) and a small pepsi. When I was a Creative Memories consultant I'd reward myself with this meal if my sales were good. There, I just shared with you a huge secret that even my husband doesn't know. Don't tell anyone.


Hi Beth,

Sorry about all of the water. The new house is beautiful.

My summer is going pretty good. I live in the Cleveland, OH area and I have two boys, 7 & 4.

My 7 year old is going into 2nd grade and I am trying to get him to practice his subtraction, which he is not too keen on.

My 4 year old has been testing every nerve I have. He likes to hit his older brother and not listen. But then then next moment he will come up to me and tell me how much he loves me.

I don't go to Taco Bell that often, but I like the grilled stuffed burritos and pintos and cheese.



Hi - I like dark chocolate pomegranate ice cream bars from Dove, we are spending our summer days swimming and swimming some more. I do not eat at Taco Bell anymore, but when I did I would order a crunchy taco with extra cheese and sour cream. I think you should trim your bangs slighty having a side, sweepy bang look. And I tried to find your entry about Bug Bites because our dollar store had them for a dollar (!) the other day and I bought some and made myself share them with the kiddos. I.am.addicted! ((Hugs)) for your water woes. I can feel your pain - I have had an entire apartment flood before. With toilet/sewage water. Ewww.


Okay, it looks like you have a lot of commenters here, but I will add mine to the que.

You don't know me from Adam, since I have only been commenting for a short time on your blog, but here goes.

Yesterday, I had electrolysis. For the first time. You are too young to worry about such things, but just you wait. Those pesky little hairs popping up on your chin...plucking just wasn't cutting it anymore.

What's funny is when I was younger and living at home I used to watch my mom sit in her recliner after she had finished putting curlers in her hair plucking away. She would use the magnifying side of a two way mirror. Little did I know I was looking at my future.

I finally said enough already...be gone with you scraggly facial hair. It wasn't near as painful as I thought.

So how's that for cheering you up. Here's hoping you get our internet connection sooner than expected.

Hang in there.

P.S. Why not go for the bangs.


Stupid dogs. I had my comment nearly done and they somehow (while jumping over the laptop) erased it all. Blerg.

Anyway... summer is good. I'm off for the summer and spending all our time at the pool with the kids. Fun. Taco Bell order may be dated, haven't been there in a while. Anyway - chili cheese burrito with sour cream. Mouth is watering thinking about it.

What else? Bangs. They give instant style to any cut so there's that. I go back and forth. Currently bangless.

LOVE bug bites!!! Hadn't heard of them until you suggested and it changed my snacking life.

When we had a flood in our basement this year I lost my wireless for a week and had to post from Panera. Buy a loaf of the cinnamon raisin bread. It's awesome!


4 boys in bed - check.
me in my p.j.'s - check.
inhaling my chocolate shake that my girlfriend brought me b/cs she felt sorry for my hard day - check.
going to turn on dvr'd nanny 911 to make me feel better about my parenting - check.
ignoring all my responsibilities for tomorrow - check.

Aunt Becky

I ate nearly a whole pizza for dinner. This makes me strangely proud of myself.


Don't think you even know I exist but I will be a kind stranger and bore you with what is going on down in the great state.
Basically....puke. The Lad has puked all day long and took 18 showers in 9 hours. No kidding. The water bill will be outrageous. Just finished disinfecting both bathrooms and scrubbed all the floors. The husband went out to the movies with other guys. Either I am super nice or an idiot. The five year old was put to bed ages ago and is still whining about being afraid. She better be afraid of ME. If I go in there, it won't be pretty.
So...I do hope you snagged something at Panera bread while you sat out front. That is too funny!


Hi Beth -

I am a talker from way back so, sure I can talk a little bit and help a sister out. I laughed thinking about you in your car, in the parking lot, with the kids running amuck in the back seat. How funny.

When I go to Taco Bell, I most often get the chicken quesidilla (holy crap I butchered that spelling). I should have just lied and said 'taco' =)

The biggest news I have is that I have been working out at our local Y for 9 weeks. And, I've lost 11 pounds. Yee-haw.

I am a 34 year old mother of 2 boys (5 and 2) and so I am busy all.the.time. Today, I took the oldest to a water park with his music camp and he rode a water slide by himself. (I had to go down first and catch him before he went under water). We did that a 12,594 times. And each time, I had to climb 43 stairs.

Yes, I counted.

I'm guessing I won't need to go to the Y tomorrow.

Oh, and I didn't put sunscreen on myself, so I'm burnt to a crisp.

I also have an ear infection that I've had now for 3 weeks. It is on the outside of my ear, not back in the ear canal. I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics and it just can't kick it. I'm from WV, so, How 'bout them EARS? (If you know nothing of the WV Mountaineers, then that will make absolutely no sense to you).

Hope that was random enough for ya.

Enjoy =)

Julie McCollam

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Hey lady!

This is been a crazy summer. Big news happening here in Ohio...but still can't share. Quite frustrating.

My weight is climbing, climbing, climbing because I can't stop eating, eating, eating. So I'll have to try those bug bites.


As a wife (read as goddess) of a Navy guy, I understand the need for electronic love. I habitually check my messages probably to the point of needing therapy or some type or medication. And nothing sucks more than an inbox full of nothing new. So here you go.
I say let the bangs grow out. Bangs are tough. A big committment. And they can go terribly wrong. Like when my hairdresser swore long layers were a must have for this girl...only her definition of long was quite different than mine. Can you say Adam Curry?
I am currently enjoying a glass of wine and ignoring the 100 other tasks I have to do. Like get my house ready for a cross country move next month. Must start now b/c dear husband is deployed once again and it is up to supermom to pack his senceless piles of boyscouting gear and magazines never to be read. I love my spouse, really I do. I just cannot stand his packrat-ness.
I was so bummed to read of your kitchen disaster. I cursed the fridge hose for you. I am in awe of your ability to just let it flow.
Just like I am in awe of you with every post you give to us all.
Signed, a former lurker who is totally addicted to your blog

deconstructing jen

I love me some bug bites and just about anything with the word graham in it, really. So what have we been up to? Well yesterday I had myself a big old tantrum about the Twilight movie...not sure if you read that book but they are making it into a movie and screwing it up.

Then today we drove all over the stinking city doing a million boring things. Stroller shopping, baby shower shopping, had Subway for lunch - had the worst service imaginable, took daughter to a friends house, went clothes shopping (and had a miserable time) - bought a shirt that I talked myself into at the store (for a party at the husband's work) and ended up not wearing it because I talked myself out of it at home, got all prettied up for the party, drove there with the kids, stayed an hour and drove home. Now I'm freaking exhausted, it's pathetic really.

Oh, yesterday I mailed your bags. WOOHOO!! The store ran out for a bit so that was a bummer but I found some and UPS should deliver them tomorrow. WOOHOO!

And there you have it. I'm obviously slap happy at this point because I'm rambling on and on. sorry 'bout that.


I love love love Bug Bites. They are yummy.

Summer is lovely. Boo is at her very first camp ever, and staying with grandpa to boot. The girl is in hog heaven! She called me tonight to tell me that when I pick her up tomorrow she has three extra bags...lovely. I just cleaned 2 bags of junk out of her room today, and now there will be more. Great.

Let's see...what else is there...

Oh, I LOVE 5 Minutes for Mom. It looks so great! And all the other sites do too. You two are fabulous! I still love my layout, can't stop just looking at it.


Hey Beth! I hope you guys are drying out quick! You have amazing strength to keep it all together girl. I hope to be able to handle myself with the grace you have in the wake of your loss. I'm still that elephant in the room unfortunatley - try as I may to not be. People are still tiptoeing around.

Thanks for giving me the courage to share my story. Having an outlet has finally started the healing process.


Summer in Michigan has been cold. Very cold. We had such a long winter. We deserve better than this.

I order the chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell. Always drive through, never eat in, because much like the weather here, it's freezing inside our Taco Bell.

I haven't had bangs since Justin Timberlake was still a member of N'Sync, but am considering getting some when I get my hair cut next week. I am having second thoughts though. It's a big commitment, and months of suffering if it doesn't work out.

My son likes Buggy Bites. I prefer not to eat things shaped liked insects. It's just a thing I have.

I didn't know you could blog from your car in the parking lot at Panera. I'm going to try that.

I've been lurking around your blog, and enjoying it for a while know. I appreciate how open and honest you are, even about the hard stuff.

Hope you can turn those noisy fans off soon!


Hi Beth, I think I found you from Missy at It's Almost Naptime. Anyway, you have my sympathy about the kitchen, and even more so about no internet. I've done the parking lot internet thing before too, while trying to work and take care of my boys at the same time - stop at the Verizon store on the way back from swim lessons and send emails to clients: very professional! I work part time and don't have child care so frequently Treasure Island or a Veggie Tale is playing in the background of my conference calls. Again - way to look (and sound) like a lawyer!

I haven't eaten Taco Bell since I left the Northeast, so I can't help you there. But I did have a horribly fattening and absolutely delicious Chai Tea Frappucino at Starbucks the other day. Wow. This summer we are eating too much Sonic, so I can re-live elementary school by eating tater tots.

Sorry I don't have anything interesting to tell you - my brain is so tired I feel like something nasty you empty out of the pool skimmer bucket in the morning.

Hang in there!



My summer is going well, thanks for asking :) I don't have kids to chase after or a husband to wait for, but I look after other peoples teenagers for a living, so I think that counts for something?

I've never been to Taco Bell... scratch that, I've been once and it didn't move me. Rather... it did move me, but that's a whole other ball of wax.

I love your blog designs, and some day I might invest, but at the moment the student loan people take care of all the money. But if the student loan people could re-design my blog - boy howdy - it'd be a doozy!

Hopefully your kitchen begins behaving soon. I grew up in a 200 year old house, so I'm familiar with the snafu living arrangements, and it's not fun!


Something about me... something about me...

My name's Tracye, and I make cakes.

(Hel-loooo Tracye!)


I have been procrastinating the two cakes I have to make. One will be a 3 dimensional rubber ducky wearing a hawaiian shirt; the other will be Harry Potter standing behind a stone table with an open book on it. I've never attempted an animal out of cake (do dinosaurs count? I made one of those, if they do), or making at actual person out of cake, so the procrastination is based partly out of fear. Much, much work ahead. Wish me luck. Lots and LOTS of luck.

At Taco Bell I order a 7-layer burrito with no tomatoes, a crispy taco, and a chicken soft taco with no pico, since I hate cilantro. I know it's a lot of food, but that's why I need to start working out. I've been procrastinating there, too!

Personally, I'm not a fan of bangs, so I say grow them long. I am against anything that causes me to expend more effort, and since bangs can't be pulled back in a ponytail, I gave them up. But that's just me. Obviously you're not as lazy as I am, since you at least give your kids suckers to distract them. I just tell mine to get lost. :)

I've never seen Bug Bites in stores. Your blog first introduced them to me, but I still don't really know what they are. Which is fine. I don't really need a new food to love and crave.

I know this is a ree-hee-heely long post, but you said talk, so I'm talking.

Hubs took me to dinner and a movie. Red Lobster (was the fastest non-fast-food around) and Indiana Jones. Had a rockin' margarita!!! Oh man, I could have had a pitcher! But just the one gave me a brain freeze since we were shoveling our food in as fast as we could to make it to the movie. Have you seen it? I was mildly disappointed... but don't mind staring at Harrison Ford for two hours! Did I mention how awesome the margarita was???

Feel better!

Amy F.

Mmm...Taco Bell. Is there anything I don't like on their menu? My typical order would be Nachos Bell Grande with a hard or soft shell taco...I switch it up a little depending on my mood. Ooh...I also love an occasional MexiMelt. Okay, just remembered one thing I will never, ever eat on their menu...are they double deckers, or something like that? Where it's like a hard AND soft shell taco together, uck, blech. That is just weird...maybe it is the taco for the indecisive...if you can't choose between hard or soft, well, there you go. Actually that "taco" ranks up there with another thing that sounds gross to me that I absolutely refuse to try...the McGriddle. It's wrong on too many different levels for this comment.

Bug Bites..what is it going to take for me to try those little buggers? heehee. I want to, I just keep forgetting about them when I'm at the grocery store apparently. The only time I remember them is when I'm reading your blog. You've only brought them up 182 times....those things have GOT to be good!

Alex just finished the 2-week (4 days/week) intensive session of swimming lessons. He was a lil' beginner (a pike) and has now graduated to eel. I'm very proud of him. He has been loving going to swimming (probably helps that he has a cute, teenage girl for an instructor, I'm not kidding). I really am glad he's enjoyed the lessons thus far because I personally do not have fond memories of them as a kid and, to this day, walking into an indoor pool area (that heat and smell of chlorine) brings back those feelings and makes my blood pressure rise a little. Sean and I took lessons at Rogers and I had a mean teacher, mean! I don't remember her name...but I can see her old, mean face and I can hear her shrill, mean voice!

I feel for you right now...not having your mom and Brian around, no yard for the kids, and the house in complete disarray (without internet, too!). I think you are handling it VERY well though. And if I was in that situation, I'd sure as heck be in that Panera parking lot with kids in the back and laptop in tow, seriously!

Oh, and Wall-e...what did you think? I had not seen any promos for the movie so I really had no expectations, but man. All I knew was that according to Mike it was supposed to be like the next Finding Nemo, oh no. The first half hour (felt like forever), I was feeling quite depressed and making sarcastic comments to Mike about how awful it was...NO dialogue, frankly, boring. And then when he finally did have another robot to communicate with, I had no idea what they were saying!!! At least make them a little more intelligible!! The movie certainly got better when they were in space, finally. The ending left something to be desired though, too. I don't know, I was disappointed, as you can tell. The last time I reacted this negatively to a movie was when I saw "Cars" in the theater (without knowing much about it beforehand). I could NOT get past the fact throughout the entire movie that it was talking cars the whole time, talking cars...never any people, just the cars, talking. My brain has now adjusted to it since Alex owns it and I've seen it a bunch of times. But the first viewing of it, I was like in shock!


Well so far the summer is going well, my brother n'law and his band members came and spent a night and we got to go to two shows.

I'm kinda down today because we went to a movie for kids and I saw this lady be horrible to a little boy. She was his daycare provider and if he didn't hold hands with his partner this boy would not be able to go on the next field trip. He held his hand in shame. I think everyonoe was paired up and he didn't know his partner. She counted to five sternly and tersely to pick a parnter or he couldn't come to the next movie. A little boy moved over and grabbed his hand when she said he could pick anyone or be in threes. He wasn't doing anything but standing there confused. He was only about four. I cried and I cried in the lobby, I cried on the way home I cried for an hour and I just cried an hour ago when I told my husband.

I called the movie theater to see if they could check the tapes. I called the state agency that is responsible for daycares and they called the movie theater and he is going to work with them because they are coming back. I called the TV station. I am waiting to hear back from both.

As far as the bangs, I have recently read that bangs look ladies look younger. I don't know if that is the look you are looking for.

I hope your floors dry.

Jessica R

I go for the chicken border bowl myself. It comes with some sort of sauce packet (ranch maybe?) but I don't eat that.

I am scared to try bug bites due to your addiction. I have enough addictions as it is, I don't need to add to the collection.

I am driving to Atlanta tomorrow for a bachelorette party. My ninth wedding anniversary is in September. I will be the only old married lady with a group of young 20 somethings. Yes, apparently I am certifiable. I am then driving over to spend a couple of nights with my aunt who has a miniature horse living in her backyard. With genes like those is it any surprise that I am certifiable?

If you get desperate you could always put the kids in the car and drive to Nashville. I'll take you downtown and you can get your country on!

Jessica R

Oh, as for the bangs, I say cut them. Guess what? If you don't like the new length they will grow out to the length they are now. It's like chia magic!


De-lurking here. Sorry about your water issues. Don't envy you that one. Hmmm, what's going on around here. Kids are taking swim lessons in the evenings this week and next. I thought that would be a great idea (not as hot, hubby might be able to help, etc). It's turned out not to be. We get home too late to do anything but eat PB&J for dinner every night and hubby has been working late and thus no help. Potty training the middle kid and giving prunes to the baby for constipation problems means I'm up to my elbows in body fluids and not so fluid products (if ya know what I mean) all day. Fun times around here. I have been repeating my personal mantra frequently, "The days are long, but the years are short".

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