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July 10, 2008



So you're probably done being bored and needing someone to talk to..

But that was really mean to mention Taco Bell to a pregnant woman at 8 oclock in the morning..and even meaner of that person that mentioned Taco Bells chili cheese burito. When I was in highschool.. (A whopping 8 years ago!!) We SERIOUSLY would go to Taco Bell at least 4 days a week for lunch..and we would ALL get 2 chili cheese burritos.. Seriously. .we should have bought stock. About a year after highschool, all the taco bells around here stopped making them... OH how i miss them terribly. And i would really love to introduce this squirmy little monster in my belly to those chili cheese burrito with some hot sauce!! It loves anything SPICY! But heaven forbid you try to share a peice of licorice with it.. then the squirmy thing gives me heart burn for the rest of the day.. anyway.. what was a saying? oh yea.. if you ever get one.. get it with sour cream on it.. yum yum! My other favorite thing at taco bell is the mexican pizza, but i only order it on special occasions because its too expensive! :) I usually just stick with bean burrito.and soft tacos. For some reason I always feel guilty for spending more than $5 at taco bell! Silly huh??

umm.. summer.. going pretty good. I've been pregnant all summer. (i'm 4 months right now..) but its going really good. Havent been sick at all.. and feel pretty good. Well all except for the freak outs of what-did-i-get-myself-into moments..

And i second the free chick fil a thing!! Do you have one around there? Seriously.. you dont have to do much to dress like a cow. On their website they said you could draw spots on a post it notes and stick them to you.. just color spots on your kids face with eye liner! FREE FOOD!! And then go get slurpees! Nothing in the world tastes better than free food!!! :)

Okay.. really i should probably start working. right??? But i still have 2 more blogs to read before i can start my work day.. p.s. its 9:04 and i get here at 8! :) it takes me about an hour every morning to get caught up on blog when i get to work!! Dont tell my boss.. k?? :)


Hang in there! I love Panera too...try hanging out right around closing time. My friend and I were there recently around 9 pm finishing up eating. The employees just handed us each a large box of pastries and bagels. They couldn't sell them the next day, I guess, and could tell by our physiques that we would really appreciate them. The BEST NIGHT EVER!!


I was so bummed to hear about your kitchen....I've been there, I know it sucks more than words can say....I don't comment often, mainly bc I never have much to say, but you are always in my prayers. As far as this summer goes, it blows....lol...well at least this week does. I was in a car accident and have whiplash and have been spending countless hours fighting with insurance idiots(i think thats their official name) I hope you enjoy your summer...congrats on the new house, thats super exciting!!!!


So sorry, Beth, about your recent watery troubles in your beautiful new house! However, you have a wonderful way of keeping your sense of humor and good attitude -- no matter what life slings at you.

My life at the moment? Crazy! Juggling a full-time job, a 10-year-old's summer school schedule, a dog who was recently diagnosed as epileptic and for some unknown reason has suddenly decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence (had to chase her around the neighborhood twice this week) and the joys of anticipating a week-long tactical planning retreat for my division at work.

However, I live in paradise (Hawaii), have a kind and loving husband, have 4 great kids, a comfortable home with a view and a new children's picture book just published. So much to appreciate.

Jodie Brooks

Hey Lady!! Hope you're getting lots of comments. I would say cut the bangs, as long as after you have the bangs you don't look like your daughter. Katie Holmes and her daughter look too much alike and that's weird. I'm currently at work and I'm so happy it's Friday!! Haven't tried the "BugBites", but will probably this weekend!! Hang in there!! Things have to get better for you soon!!

Mary C

You should totally cut your bangs. And while you're at it, get a summery little bob. It will make you feel so happy!

Rhonda (Mimi)

You are a hoot! I will have to try those bug bites for the grandkids. I am a bangs person and think they make a person look younger, so you get my vote on that, but get them short and uneven and sassy! I don't do taco bell often, but I can remember that their taco salads are good. Hope I get to see how the bangs turned out at the bloggy meet up tomorrow night....


Hey Beth!
I was so so so sorry to hear about your flood. It made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. And the husband wasn't home! Girl, you are amazing!
Question for you...since we're talking here. Do you and Christy want to change the buttons on the blogs you've already completed to display the new name? I like it, by the way, not that my opinion matters. But I do like it alot!
So you cracked me up again...sitting in the Panera parking lot...kids with lollipops...probably whacking each other with some foreign object found on your van floor. The visual was too much! Oh wait, are my kids the only ones that whack each other? Don't tell me if your's don't do that. I'll have to turn in my mommy card and I really don't want to.
Ok, well I need to go fold MY laundry...though I would like to pay someone $20 bucks to do it for me. And I vote for bangs! Feel good about yourself, baby! It might just be the little change you need to perk you up tomorrow:)


I have never commented, because I'm not sure what to say really, but I've been reading for a month or so. I hope you have a fabulous day!! Soon everything will be straightened out and the new house will be awesome!


You have had about a gazillion people chat with you already, but I just wanted to post a quick "Hi" from a pretty new regular reader of your blog.



NO...NO...NO!!!! DO NOT CUT THE BANGS! I have long hair with no bangs. When you think about cutting the bangs, you need to tell yourself NO! Believe me, I know how tempting it can be at times but this is one thing that you just need to say NO to. ROFL. Seriously! JUST SAY NO to bang cutting.

In the parking lot at Panera...that's classic! Why go in right! Brrrrrrr. BTDT!

Taco Bell...talked about this already...have to be the ENCHIRITO. I also love the mexican pizza.

Something about me...hmmmmmm, I don't know. What do you want to know? LOL. I live in Michigan. We live on the lake. You already know that we have 6 children; 4 boys and 2 girls and lost one baby/pregnancy. Oh I know something that you don't know...I didn't tell you the details in a post several days ago...6/28 to be exact....but we euthanized our kitten. I know SNIFF, SNIFF! He was GORGEOUS! He was 10 months old. He was a show-quality Ragdoll Seal Mitted kitten and was absolutely adorable! His name was Cobalt. He got his name because he had the most beautiful eyes...plus Cobalt is a boat....had to name him something that related to the lake/water. LOL. Well, anyways...he died from FIP(Feline Infectious Peritonitis). SNIFF, SNIFF! We found out 2 days before that his disease was fatal. I never knew that it would go so quickly. We euthanized him the next day because the poor dear developed pneumonia. It was difficult for the kids to go through esp. my 12 y.o. At least I can talk about it now...I was a mess. I think I cried for so many things that day/week. It just brought a lot of stuff back out. See...even after 5 years...I still have days that my grief resurfaces. It's just something that will be with me for my life. Most days I can control it...and not even think about what happened but then other days....WHAM!

Did you get all that on your blackberry, hee hee hee.

Sorry...didn't realize it was this looooong.

ENJOY reading all the posts :)

that girl

What about some stick-straight, straight across bangs? Sassy, I think..

A baja-beef chalupa.

Suckers are a mother's best friend.

Sorry about your kitchen.

What the heck is Panera? Nevermind, I know you can't respond. I'll google.


so my summer so far is good...I just wish I didn't have to work during the summer. Kids are in daycare all day and the guilt is sucky. BUT it is our life so I will keep on going and pack every weekend with so many fun summer activities to make up for it. :D

Taco Bell...omg, drool, seriously. I haven't been there since I started WW in January...and now I crave it. I *heart* the chicken stuffed burrito which is like 13 points and the reason I haven't been to Taco Bell. :(

I am going to my first ever (and probably LAST, hubby is a die hard Sox fan) Cubs game Saturday and I couldn't be more excited. I wish I had a fancy camera like you so I can soak in all in and take all kinds of pictures. My point and shoot will have to do, I guess.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Wall-E and hope that you get some internet!


Hi! Hope you're no longer confined to your car in the rain with the kids outside Panera (Mmm...I love Panera. I would use the excuse of your kitchen fiasco to eat there every day). I just realized that sentence had a lot of prepositional phrases.....

Love the new look at 5M4M! Great job. Might have to get you guys to tweak my site when I get some bucks to do it....

I think I learned at 5M4M that you're from IN. Me too! I love learning about other blogging mommies from IN! Here's a "hollah" going out to you. I'm currently in the way-north of MI visiting my parents. Every time I step out the door, I'm swarmed by mosquitos. When I read your note about Bug Bites, I thought it was some invention to keep bugs away or make the itch stop. Then I read some comments and realized they must be something edible, which also appeals to me, just in a different way. I'll have to check them out when I'm home. I've learned not to look for stuff like that in northern MI. They live with only the bare essentials up here. I couldn't even find Goldfish crackers the last time I was up! And I don't even know how far it is to the nearest Taco Bell......

Listening to the loons on the lake pretty much makes up for all that though. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from civilization.

Enough blabbering. Hang in there! Love your blog!



Something about me? Every day I have to resist the temptation to go to the mall or Target or Kohl's and buy something for myself. I'm blessed to be able to wear lots of things in a decent size. Today I did not win the battle and I bought two shirts.
I do not have a laptop and have never used a computer in public, except to find books at the library. I hope you do not have to sit outside Panera for too many more days.


Okay, so I love love love Bug Bites. Straight up. But let me tell you, you really haven't lived until you start dipping them into a tub of vanilla frosting. Everything is better under frosting.


I saw your new company name and I would love to know how you came up with it. Wonderful job on the 5M4M re-do, it looks great. So much exciting stuff going on over there!

I am DESPERATE for the rest of this month to pass so that my vacation will be here. Especially since I was holed up in the house for 4 days straight last week b/c I was sick.

As far as your bangs go, I don't know, I haven't seen your style lately. But my theory is that hair always grows back.

Thanks for bringing up Taco Bell, now I am craving it. ; ) I would get my usual, a 7-layer burrito. YUM!

Have a great weekend!


Oh I'm picturing you now in the parking lot! I'm glad the berry is keeping you otherwise connected. Sending wired, DRY thoughts your way :)


oh my goodness...you're hilarious. i wish i felt better so we could hang out. unless you enjoy hearing someone puke every 1/2 hour...it's not a good idea right now.
although i am thinking about checking the parking lot at panera for you sometime. i have a feeling you'd be there.
i've already told you that i totally love bug bites. love them.
DO NOT cut your bangs. i cut mine last month and totally regret it.
i get crunchy tacos with hot sauce and a huge pepsi at taco bell....yum. i love that they have pepsi.
what do you get at panera, by the way?


Hi Beth! My summer has been pretty chill. I just got back from my sister's destination wedding in Cozumel Island, Mexico. We had a blast! :) Other than that I'm just busy interning at the local courthouse.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt

Hey Beth! I can't remember if I've left a comment here before or not... (???)

Anyway. I'd say grow out the bangs, see if you like it. They can always be cut later.

We're recent vegetarians so I'd probably order a bean burrito. We also just moved and so we have our fair share of fast food recently.

Your kitchen looks great! Hope everything is dry by now. Have a good weekend!

kristi mcdaniel

I hope your day is better today. It's been a down one for me. My sister called me this morning while she and her family are in Arkansas, meeting up with her hubby's college football buddies, and told me that she could hear the sadness in my voice. I miss my son and there is no way around it.

I just finished reading V.C. Andrews new book Secrets in the Shadows. I'm not a vampire fan at all, but finally decided to bite the bullet and see what all the hype is about in Twilight, so that is next in my library stack. I love to check out books on Amazon and then reserve them online through my library.

I have a new obsession. Webkinz. My 4 year old daughter got one for her birthday in February and I cant hardly break myself away from it. I am so impressed with this website!

I wish there would be some new custom Raggedy Ann clothes on Ebay for my daughter. Custom clothing is another of my obsessions, as is Raggedy Ann. If only our budget allowed me to buy more often!

I tried a whole lot of new recipes a couple of weeks ago, but feel like we are in a rut again. I've been surfing some cooking blogs for the last few days, but havent really found anything that just jumps out at me.

My husband is an Army Veteran. If you dont stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in FRONT of them!

My 5 year anniversary is next week. We are hoping to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Nashville, TN to celebrate. I love to eat at the Melting Pot on special occasions.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart...Helen Keller.


I'm so late in commenting..but maybe you'll still be happy to get a comment? And I laughed at your mother of the year comment. That is so me!
did you get your bangs cut? I think you should, just for the record.
Taco Bel - don';t care for it. I like Taco Bueno instead. Yummy.
I am going to spend the rest of my "exciting" evenign cleaning! And bill paying. Don't you wish you had MY life? ha ha.

Have a great weekend Beth!


I keep forgetting, that typepad auto fills in my account with my OLD blog,which is private. The link here is my new blog. Come check it out if you have time :)


BETH!! I've missed you!! I've been checking in every now and then, but I admit...I haven't taken the time to comment. I'm bad. I know. Our summer is going really well. I decided I would spend the summer getting organized and decluttering our home. We've lived here for 7 years and won't be moving anytime soon, so you can imagine how much STUFF has accrued. I could have done it while the kids are in school, but the house is too quiet and I don't like being here without the kiddos. Besides, that's when I like to get all my errands done...while they aren't with me.
Anyway, my husband is so proud of me that he is taking me on a little getaway next weekend while my kids are at my parent's house. It's going to be so romantic and FUN! It will also be the first time in 7 years that we've gone anywhere without the kids. 7 years seems to be our magical number.
I'm sorry about your kitchen and basement. It really does suck when things like that happen. I'm no stranger to bad luck. I'm glad you have such a great attitude about it, though. You're just awesome that way!
Many prayers are being said for your brother and his family. A good friend of mine returned from Iraq on July 3rd, but my cousin is still there.
Now I'm off to check out your new biz name! I hope you have a great weekend!

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