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July 17, 2008



Considering all that I have heard about the WII fit (which I want desperately, but can't use right now)... my guess is 45. or 12. LOL.


My guess is 50...and I don't know a thing about that game so don't take that personally!

Your photos from the other day were absolutely beautiful!


I bought Wii Fit too! Hmm... I am going to guess it said your age is... 42!


Wii Age Humm 74


So I can't guess because I haven't been able to get my hands on the Wii Fit yet, so I don't know how judgy it is. But the Wii daily fitness test is pretty judgy if you can't do the stupid tennis target. But I'm not bitter. Really. Okay, maybe a little. Anyhoo... is judgy a word? Because it should be.

I'm going to go buy Bug Bites and take kids to the dentist. Yay!


I'm gonna guess 41...cause thats how old it tells me my Wii fit age is. :)And since we're the same age it may be close. Lovin my Wii fit even when it does get saucy with me.


Wii age 68

Minivan Mom


(no offense, but the Wii fit gave one of my friends who is in her late 30s and super fit the age of 60, so those things are all whacked out)


How about 30?


Bug Bites...again!

Hmmm, your Wii Fit age is...47.

Don't hate me...I am just throwing a number out there.

Or maybe it's 27!


I'll guess 43....I've heard it's harsh!




I am going to guess.... 49 - sorry! I am dying to get one and see what my age is too although I probably won't be real happy with it!


"57" Beth...come on now;) What are "bug bites"? Sounds weird, but is peaking my interest...I never win contests! Your pictures from the other day were fabulous, what a great outlet for you. I am trying to pick up drawing again; something for me, you know? I've had the sketch pad for six weeks now and have yet to crack the pencil case...sigh. Keep it coming, you are one of my favourite blogs to read. I am also going to visit your sister-in-laws...like her, I have never blogged before but I am finding it a nice distraction and cathartic outlet from my life downs. Take care.


I will guess 44 cause I was going to guess 42 but someone else already had that - and 43..and 41. So, 44 it is. I haven't got one of those things so I have no idea.


Your sister-in-law has a really neat blog. I love the look. Fits so perfect with the title.

Guess on the age - ??? no clue does it have you at your age 31? possible right? that's my guess 31



I actually made a spreadsheet to figure this out!! Geek huh?????? :)

i just wanted to guess something someone else didn't...

And I guess 53..

But I wanted to guess 45. but changed my mind at the last minute..

my final answer is 53...

sasha louise

My guess is 71. Does that hurt? I don't have the wii fit but we do the age check on the sports game and it always thinks I'm old.


My SIL has one and just last night I found out my age of 72! So maybe you are where I am? But at least I did better than my hubby!


I'm going to guess 37. We're the same age and it told me I was 37 the second day after telling me I was 41 the first. I didn't understand because I hadn't touched the thing for 4 days and I had gained weight in those 4 days.

So... 37


Wii age of 29.

sheeze, probably 18

Where's my bug bites? I won right???




Well... depending on if you had to do the balance test (I hate that one where you have to get the pink in the blue!!! hate it, hate it... hate it...) if you had to do that I would say 39. But if you didn't have to do that I would say it was 29. Have a great day! Try the hula hoop it is really fun!


My guess is 40, because I tried it and it said I was 34, and I'm only 25. So I'm assuming we're about the same fit wise. (Although you are probably more active than I am, because I am beyond lazy!)


I am so going to say 44, only because I have a wii fit and it seemed to age me almost 15 years.

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