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July 22, 2008


Mrs. Bubba

I'm sorry you had to deal with a not nice person as part of this experience. I'm glad you got your trees planted and that you felt goodness from the sunshine.


It's always a bummer when you have to deal with someone like that. I work with the public all day and know that my attitude towards them is what will make them want to come back again. I'm sure this person did not even stop to think of how his / her attitude would affect you, and most likely you were not the only person they treated like that throughout their day. It's a shame things like that happen.

On a brighter note, you did get your trees and they are planted. I cannot wait to see pictures.


Thinking of you!!!!!! Hope you have a better day today.

Please e-mail me your new address...


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I'm so sorry that happened, but the important thing is that the trees are in the ground!

Thinking of you always...

Kelly @ Love Well

Hopefully, in the end, the meaning of the beautiful trees will linger far longer than the rude person you had to deal with.

Prayers, Beth. Feel that sunshine.


Ohh, I am sorry it went that way. In the end though, I am glad you have your trees. Tell us who that mean person was! We'll go getum!


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that the day you had was 'tainted' that way, but I *am* glad that you have the trees: I felt so sure yesterday that God meant you to have them. Just as James and Jake will live forever in every breath of God's generous rain and healing wind I hope these trees will grow and flourish in your garden. Send pictures, soon!!!!!


BUMMER.. I'm so sorry the experiance wasn't a good one.. That just sucks..

It sounds like you're doing "okay".. stay strong.. keep your head up. Can't wait to hear more from you... we miss you!! :)


Thinking about you:)


Mean people suck. I hope the sun continues to shine on you. ;o)

Adventures In Babywearing

I think you need to tell me all the details so I can go beat some tree selling people up. Or send them a letter or something. Who was it?!?!


Not Just Any Jen

I am so sorry that you had a not good experience with buying trees. I want to know if it was where I said- I will not go there either.



FIDDLESTICKS! Grrrrrrrr, that makes me angry! Makes me want to call them! Well...at least the trees are in your hands now. They will be better taken care of with you :) You SAVED THEM! :) I can't wait to see PICS! I know the trees will bring you years and years of enjoyment and will always be something that will remind you of your precious boys. A forever keepsake. Now...share pics! I'm longing to see them!


I am so sorry the experience was not good when buying the trees. That can make them seem bittersweet.

I am glad that you and your mom were together yesterday, celebrating and remembering. That is so important. I threw a prayer up for you Sunday, and hoped it was going ok.

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know

I think planting the trees is a lovely living memorial. Hope you're having a good day!

Mommy Instincts

The owners of Chesterton Feed Store are our next door neighbors and we purchase all of our cat food from them, as well as any landscaping stuff we need (which hasn't been much thus far). If you ever need more landscaping stuff you should check them out, the employees have always been super nice and friendly, and carry stuff out for you.

Can't wait to see some pics of the trees, and don't feel obligated to relive a crappy moment, just leave it behind you and move on.



You realize you have an entire blogging community who's ready to kick some but about now, right?

Sorry the purchase of the trees wasn't that great but glad to hear that your landscaping is done and that you are happy. What a wonderful symbol of your boys...


NO tree hugging love from them?

we got your back.

I hope all went well and I can't wait to see photos of the landscaping.


So glad you got your trees and so sorry that salesperson sucks. All I can say is KARMA!

Sharon - MomGenerations

You did rescue the trees. They had been waiting for you. All the "signs" pointed to James & Jake wanting you to take care of them... Rabindranath Tagore wrote, "Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven."

Now the trees have a place from which to speak, and heaven has a place from which to listen.

xo - Sharon

Amy F.

You didn't let that employee steal your joy, Beth, or mess with what you knew was meant to be. And because you held firm and did what you were supposed to, you have 2 special trees as beautiful remembrances of James and Jake in your very backyard. I am so glad they are in your ground and have you as your nurturer. We can't wait to see pictures.


oh so sorry to hear that the experience was not pleasant with the employee....put that behind you and enjoy your wonderful work in your garden of remembrance!! can't wait to see picts....


Beth, All those signs had to mean it was the right thing to do. I hope you reached out and touched that person in a way you will never know.

I sincerely hope you can leave that memory behind and remember James and Jake in your yard instead.

Tara R

I gave you an award today (which you can feel free to completely ignore :)) at http://tarasviewoftheworld.blogspot.com/2008/07/linky-love.html


You are right. It is not fair. It's hard to imagine the boys being in a better place then in your arms. You are such a great mom and some one I look up to. I hope one day the pain won't be there as much, but all the memories of your pregnacy will be.

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