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August 07, 2008



Happy anniversary! It is MY birthday...



Happy Anniversary to you both. Your post is so true. Life has it challenges and as we all get older those challenges seem to be the harder challenges to get through. Marriage is also tough, but as you said, you have to remember the reasons why are married who you did. Becuase of him, yourself and those children that we make together. These days 9 years is a long time and you should be so proud of what you both have accomplished.

Have a great day!!! Hug your hubby and kids today and be thankful for what you have.

Love you!!!!!!


Bravo, sweetie, bravo! And, congrats!


Happy Anniversary...

I make wedding cakes on the side, just kind of for fun. And I wish so badly I could make some brides understand that the little things soooo don't matter..

But just being married 1 year myself, I would never have listened to someone tell me that it didnt matter. Now I wish I would have.. life is so much more than that day........

I hope this next year hold many joys and oppertunites for your family to grow even stronger...


Good post, Beth. So very true.

Congrats Beth and hubby...here's to many more!


So True!!!! The wedding day details do not mean a thing if you are not ready and willing to fight for your love for the rest of your life!


Happy Anniversary! Those are wise words that I wish more people would consider throughout life.


Geez girl, you gave me goosebumps...well-said. Happy Anniversary and I hope your marriage only gets stronger from here on out.


Happy Anniversary. Wish I could say those same words to my twenty something self.

Jessie Z.


I actually had tears in my eyes...it could be the hormones. But, that is so beautiful and I totally agree. When you have found "the one", nothing material matters. I just wish I knew that when I was planning my wedding also. So beautifully written. I love it! Thanks for my daily cry. =)


Happy Anniversary! I love the post...you are wonderful with words!

A wedding day is somewhat weird...you spend 6+ months preparing, making sure every last detail is as close to perfect as possible, and in a mere 24 hours, the day has come and gone. Will anyone remember how YOU planned for everything to go? Probably not. You have noted perfectly the true meaning of your wedding day, and what it's meant to be, not what everyone says it should be.


Amazing...beautifully spoken. Happy Anniversary Beth and Brian. May this year bring you strength, love and many many blessings!!!


Happy Anniversary! May this year be filled with so many of those simple pleasures.


Great post. Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary! (I'm so glad I couldn't speak to my younger self - I probably would have made her so terrified she would never have left the house! Ignorance can truly be bliss!)


Happy Anniversary!

Midwest Mommy

Happy Anniversary!
I sometimes think about what I would tell my younger self if I could go back.
Great post!


Congrats on 9 years! That's an accomplishment. Try to enjoy this day.


Happy Anniversary Beth and Brian.
9 years down and so many more to go!

Enjoy your day.

*your self speech touched my heart, (pass the kleenex). I didn't have a big wedding, no dress, no bridemaids,nothing...I used to be upset about it but now I know all those little details are not the most important thing on that day. It's the love you have for each other.


Happy Anniversary! And, so true. Keep the important things the important things. I could use that reminder myself lately.


Happy Anniversary!!!

My husband and I just celebrated 8 years on Tuesday and today is my hubby's b-day! What a great week of celebrations!


Beautiful Beth - just beautiful! You have such a way with words my dear. Happy Anniversary to both you and Brian and many more to come. Congrats!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Happy Anniversary, Beth and Brian.

You guys are so lucky to have found each other. Life's ups and downs, no matter how high or how unbearably low, are always navigated so much easier with your best friend at your side.

Sharon - Mom Generations

Happy Anniversary!

Your post truly struck a chord today... as it is my son and daughter-in-law's 10th anniversary today! Today, as I looked at the photos from their beautiful wedding, I saw the joy and happiness and life and love. I saw all the people who were celebrating their joy... and in particular, I saw my mother-in-law, who just loves her family more than I could ever express. There she is in the photos... bigger than life with love and pride and LIFE. I thank God for these moments and these photos... for today my mother-in-law is holding on to her last days with us. But it is like you say... the sadness sometimes comes with the blessings, and we stand with arms intertwined.

The 10 years have also brought those newlyweds two beautiful children... I saw that in their eyes all those years ago. I truly did!

I wish you so much joy today. You already know how to count your blessings... and you know how to live and to love.

Celebrate with every fiber of your beings...

Much love,

Adventures In Babywearing

I hope you are having a good anniversary and time away. I'm thinking of you. And petunia is enjoying her stay, too.


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