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August 12, 2008


deconstructing jen

I'm sorry you are so sick. Strep throat SUCKS.

Share something about myself. Well today was the first day back to school for me, teaching. We had teacher meetings. The first part was a complete bore but the second half was wonderful. We spent 3 hours with artist Mike Savage http://tinyurl.com/5pgg44 and we got to watch him paint! He gave the away the two paintings he did to two teachers in our department. It was truly awesome. Now I want to run out and get some canvas and paint.


Hi, Beth,
Strep throat - nasty stuff! Take your meds, drink lots of fluids, stay in bed (watch the Olympics!) I'm super-excited cause we're getting Alex tomorrow night for the weekend. Gosh I l-o-v-e that little guy!!! PS Your house is beautiful!


Hey watch the gumby video again, it always cheers this sista up.

I have a question...

What's your #1 personal goal that you want to reach before 2009? Is it to have massive quantities of bug bites in your pantry?

I do hope you feel better hun and did you get the choc. parfait thing from KFC. That always makes me feel better.


Strep throat...ewwwww! Hope you feel better soon!

Zack started football last week. At first it was conditioning for a week; this week it's full contact with pads!!! He LOVES football, but these first two days are kickin' his butt!! He leaves the house excited, vibrant and full of energy and comes home stinky, sweaty and ready to eat and pass out. I'm so proud of him though.

Oh, and I graduated this weeked...actually participated in a graduation ceremony at Indiana Wesleyan University. YEAH ME!!!

Minivan mom

Today was the first day of new teacher orientation for me, followed by another day of new teacher orientation tomorrow, followed by 8 days of professional development, and then the kids arrive.

And I don't even have my textbook. And I haven't taught in 6 years, so I'm pretty much like a first year teacher again. In Texas. In a high school where 60 girls who make the coveted "drill team" are the pinnacle of the social climb.

Drill team? DRILL TEAM? What the FUCK is drill team?

I don't think we're in Rhode Island anymore, Toto. *whimper*

DesignHER Momma

so sorry that you have the nasty throat. I swear that it's so much worse as an adult. I had it when Birdie was 4 weeks old. Talk about having a newborn and being almost dead at the same time...no fun.

something about myself....well, I'm totally addicted to the Olympic swimming. I come from a long line of swimmers, My sister actually was in this past Olympic trials and she swears Michael Phelps is a total dork... and she wouldn't mind marrying Aaron Piersol.

About you? Where is your favorite place to dine out, and what do you order?


Hi Beth

So sorry to hear you are sooooooo sick. I really do hope you feel better soon!

Well, we got back from visiting family and friends in Indiana last week. We were there for almost 2 wks and we loved it! It's always so good to be home. My whole family was there, even my sister and her family who now live in MN.

An update on my sister-in-law, Tiffany and my brother, Dave. They seemed to me to be doing really well with their grief. They still obviously have good days and bad days, but overall are doing really well. They have realized that there is no way other than to go THROUGH this very difficult time for them, not around it or under it or any other way, but through it. They are hoping to go through IVF in Sept. to get pregnant again. I just hope it's not too soon for them. We were glad to see them.

Enough about me. Hope you feel better very soon and I hope you are doing well emotionally, Beth.




So sorry you are feeling bad. Strep is the worst. The last time I had it I was 13 weeks prego with my youngest and I was so sick.

something about me....these last few weeks have been crazy. Starts out with a double ear infection and sinus infection for my oldest, then he never got better and then my youngest broke out in hives. As we were on our way home from doctor visit....hum maybe 3, I have a son screaming his ear hurts and one screaming he is itching to death and I get pulled over for speeding for the first time ever. The officier was nice and gave me a warning. Thank goodness. Then this past weekend, I back out of my garage with my friend and our kids to go get football gear and I back into her car. Can these weeks not get any better?

About you? What is the thing in live you cherish the most besides your children and why?

I wish I lived near to bring you that ice cream.

Take care and hope you feel better!!


Hi Beth,
So sorry to hear you have streph throat. I know that hurts. I am amazed that you are feeling well enough to even type. I would be SO dead, I don't know if I would have the energy to move my fingers. Bless your heart.
Today is my dad's birthday. So in honor of him, can you tell us one thing that you learned from your dad?


I HATE strep throat, it sucks. I hope you feel better before your company comes. A good 24 hours on antibiotics can make a world of difference. I don't know what to say about myself. I guess that makes since seeing as how I have decided this is the summer of my discontent, I would tell you why but that would probably be a long, boring, story that would make me sound like a bad person so ... I guess I will leave it at that. Hope you feel better soon.

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

SUCKS. Seriously. SUCKS.

But 24 hours after the antibiotics kick in, you'll feel better. I promise.

So, something new about me...


I scored the 9th highest on the national spanish exam in the 12th grade in the state of VA. But please don't try to have a conversation en espanol with me. That was 13 years ago. I don't remember much.

Sharon - MomGenerations

I am so sorry about your Strep Throat... that is just the worst. Give me a nose running like a faucet or a migraine, but NOT a sore throat. I hope you feel better soon! Sorry that I can't help with the ice cream... if I could, I'd be there in a minute! Something about me? Hmmmm... I just discovered this today. I was asked to give the Eulogy at my mom-in-law's funeral Mass by my husband and his brother. I love her so much that I thought I would completely fall apart... but I didn't. I wore her beautiful silver wedding band on a chain around my neck, and I read my words about her with such strength and love. I did cry at the end... but I did it for my beloved Flo. What I discovered about myself is that I can do anything when the love is thisssssss strong!


Hi, I found you through Blog Nosh. I loved your post and can totally relate to it.

Sorry that you are feeling so unwell, hope that things pick up soon.

Something about me?

Um, I am sitting here readoing and blogging and eating Weet Bix when I should be doing the laundry but you know what? Today I cannot be stuffed.



Sleep, sleep, sleep! And when you wake up SLEEP SOME MORE!

One thing about me...MY HOUSE IN HAWAII IS FOR SALE! Will someone please, please buy it? We are moving back to the mainland this Fall!


I had a craptastic day that I later realized was because if I hadn't had a hysterectomy I'd be having my period but since I did I just have the monthly hormone surge. By no means am I complaining because I kinda like the other side effects of it. But as I was talking to my sister today she said "guess what?" "You ordered a Papa John's pizza online and it is being delivered to my house?" "No." But really it was a fun thought and we both laughed (we live across the country from each other).

So you know, the thing about me is I love to laugh. Any excuse. And I (heart) sarcasm. It has brought much laughter and fun to my life. I love practical jokes. And I love my 2 and 4 yr old boys. Even when they drive me crazy on days like today. Good luck getting better.


Well, not to one-up you or anything, but I have shingles and it's ugh..terrible. Just terrible.

Something about me..(besides I have shingles)..hmm...My hair is 2 1/2 feet long and I absolutely must "do something" with it but I am TERRIFIED!

Hope you feel better soon.
PS - Don't get shingles.

Sarah M.

Oh, strep throat is horrible! I'd say mac & cheese is safe, but stay away from KFC's mashed potatoes & gravy until you feel better. I LUV their potatoes & just had to have them once when I had strep because I thought (stupid) that its smooth, tasty goodness would feel good on my throat. WRONG! Don't do it!

Something about me? Well I was 1st runner up in the Indiana State Miss Sycamore pageant my senior year in college. Surprised? Yeah me, too. I'm not the pageant type, but it was for a good cause. Something else? Well, I was also Ms. October in a fraternity calendar, too, in college. Yes, I had my clothes on!

Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your visitors this week!!


I'll be right over with Coldstone, Cheetos and Taco Bell. That fixes most viruses, right? Hope you're feeling all better soon.

One of the biggest things I'm DREADING about the start of the school year is getting back on the endless cycle of SOMEBODY around here being sick ALL THE TIME. Not fun.

Have fun with Christy.


Ick; Strep is nasty, as if you did not know...
Something about myself: I am majorly addicted to my blog and love to try to make it look neat, but I have NO IDEA how to make words inside my post link to another site. Eveyone else on the planet seems to know how to do it,but no me. Maybe someone could throw me a line and give a little lesson!


Something about me ---- hubby and I went to a flea market type thingy this weekend & the majority of our purchases were vintage Playboys. No, we aren't freaks - we just like to collect some of ones with interesting covers & hang them on the wall. My boss says I'm weird for this. For this I'm weird? Not for the million other strange things about me?

Ashley @ mrs007.net

I am feeling for you girly! I have gotten strep every year since I was 4 and I swear it's worse as an adult. Broccoli Cheese soup in a bread bowl from McCallister's Deli (if you have one there) is what gets me through it. Oh and really good pain meds. However...fever + pain meds = really weird restless dreams. BUT, it does take a bit of the pineapple away. I hope you feel better soon!


Hmmm. Here's something. My husband is hoping to get out of the military soon and has been looking for jobs for months. Months. We have three weeks until Kindergarten starts for my Daughter and we currently live in the worst school district in the state but we were sure we'd be moved on out of here before she started so we weren't concerned. But, now? Starting to get concerned. That wasn't a very positive thing to share but I feel better just having typed it out. I need a nap. I hope you feel better!!


Oh and for the record...those last two statements weren't meant to be sarcastic. You aren't the cause of my needing a nap and I genuinely do hope you feel better. Ok, I think my allergy meds have sufficiently kicked in.


Hmm...something about me. I have a bottle of Loritab in the cabinet.

Strep sucks. I'd send you a handful of Loritab AND some softserve ice cream if I could. Hope you feel better. Love your blog...I'll be back for more.


Hmm...something about me. I have a bottle of Loritab in the cabinet.

Strep sucks. I'd send you a handful of Loritab AND some softserve ice cream if I could. Hope you feel better. Love your blog...I'll be back for more.

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