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August 12, 2008



Something about me - well I rarely make a comment here but since you are under the weather, I MUST give you something to read. As if 75 responses aren't enough.

Anyway, I've started sewing again after a 25-year hiatus. (Yep, I'm 38 and holding!) My significant other's son is crazy about anything medieval and I offered to make (what was I thinking?) a costume for his sword fighting adventures. It's going o.k. except I had a fight with the bobbin the other night and interesting words were escaping from my flaming lips. My SO didn't bat any eye. LOL

I hope you're feeling better soon. FYI - Cold Stone will take care of that horrible ache you have in your throat!


I hope you feel better soon!

That ice cream sounds awesome!

I just got a cute hair cut. I always let it grow out for a year or so...about 8 inches longer than it should be and then cut a bunch off and shock the stylist that I actually want that much gone. It's great fun!


Oh, strep sucks! My daughter has had that and I've had it ... it is the worst! And it's so sweet that with as bad you feel you want to hear about us!

Well, today was the first day in 4 weeks that I have not to fight with an almost 4 year old to get dressed. Well, fighting isn't the word ... it's way beyond that. It's best described as taking 45 minutes just to put underwear on! Oh, the insanity. What did George's day say to calm down? "Serenity now"! I think that should be my mantra. So today was a GREAT day for us; sorry it isn't for you. If I could drop off some Cold Stone ice cream I would. Don't live far from one but don't know where you live!! ha ha! Get some rest!


I'm so sorry you are sick! I hope you are better for Christy's visit.

Something about myself...I bought a new kitchen table today! I am totally psyched. Our old kitchen chairs have wheels on the bottoms, and our two toddlers were CONSTANTLY pushing themselves away from the table sending food flying in the process. I can't wait to set it up!

Feel better soon!


Hi there! Guess what, I was at my doctor's office this afternoon complaining about a very painful throat too. I think it may be strep but my doctor doesn't really think it is, I guess we will see when the test results come back. In the meatime I have a prescription for some kind of throat gargling liquid - I've tried using it once but obviously I'm not doing it correctly as my mouth was numb and my throat didn't seem much better. The dr. gave me a note to be off for the next 2 days but I think she thinks I'm a baby... the thing is I work in a cancer centre's patient resource library and I do a far amount of talking all day. I have had this sore/painful throat since Sunday so working for 2 days was about all I could take. However we are also short-staffed with summer holidays in full swing, so I'm also trying hard to not feel too guilty and go into work on Friday... I bet you are sorry you invited your friends to send you comments eh?
I hope you are feeling better soon, it is a real bummer being sick in the summer...
Take care of yourself, drink lots of clear liquids ;) and rest rest rest!


lol..you know i can't resist random comments like this! oh how you tease me..:)

i've been so crazy busy the last few days (weeks?) it feels like i'm running on empty.

i've been putting in 60 hour weeks at work and yet there is still SO MUCH to be done.

i asked my husband today if i could go back to the office after stinker went to bed and i got a hell no.

i'm feeling very guilty but there doesn't seem to be enough time or daylight to do all the things i need to do.

my boss told me today that if i went back to the office tonight...oh how she knows me so well...that she would take my key away.

i am completely heartbroken. perhaps working myself to death to forget how heartbroken i am.

we moved to a beautiful house and i painted our office this weekend a deep red and put cute little decal stickers on our kitchen cabinets. i love our little kitchen. it has a little island in it and i am completely smitten with it.

the decals read "live well, laugh often and love much" did i mention the tears that came with it as i was putting these on?

i haven't forgotten your project either. i swear as soon as i get some breathing room, that will be the first project i tackle.

i am overwhelmed at the moment...but i am hanging in there. i hope you are too.



Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Ok, now I'm craving ice cream with PB cup in it and it's only 10am here!!!! Forget the oreos, because well it is only 10am. ;)

Something about me. Hmm. I know somthing about me that you do not know. I'm now a blonde! LOL! Ray talked me into going blonde and I'm just finally getting somewhat used to it.

Justice Jonesie

Oh no! Poor you. I had this several times last year and I know how much it can hurt. Get better soon!


Okay, here goes...I remember my son's ninth birthday. We were having tons of people over, including a magician who had these two birds for his show that pooped on the living room carpet...cooked for days to feed everyone...up at the crack of dawn to get the house in order...as soon as everyone left I went to bed with a 103 fever. Was sick the whole time. My husband was shocked to see me in bed. He had no clue that I was even sick. He said, "You should have said something. I would have helped." Hope you're feeling better soon!

Rhonda (Mimi)

I am a few days late in reading this, so you are probably better by now. I still want to try the bug bites..I keep forgetting to get some. Now I am craving them dipped in coffee.


So sorry you are sick. That sucks.
just to occupy you..

-I am extrememly irritable in the mornings. Mornings and me? We don't like each other much. I have to will myself to remember how lucky I am to even have a morning before I transform back into a non-monster.
-I hate hearing people chewing, and breathing through their nose while chewing. Drives me insane.
-I prefer to eat at the couch-or my chair. I hate sitting at a table, but I do it to appease my family. I often use the excuse that there isn't a chair for me (even though there are more in the garage) just so I can sit in my seat and eat.
-I LOVE music. I adore music, blues and jazz, but rarely listen to it.
-I love nature, but hate bugs.
-I love the mountains but hate to hike.
-I love the woods, but they scare me.
-I prefer cool weather to hot.
-I hate pools because I hate to be seen in a bathing suit. I always wore a t-shirt over my suit as a kid, even though I was skinny then.
-I have been neglectful of (you +) my loved blogs, but I have a good excuse.

I hope you feel better.


Some things: I have no interest whatsoever in watching any Olympic events. 76 degrees is way too fucking hot for any thermostat to be set to. I hope I have enough patience to be a parent. Because OH MY GOD am I questioning myself now.


Something about me??? I drove 9 hours each way to Buena Vista, Colorado with four boys without a husband this weekend to do a fun camp with the kids and some friends whilest my dearest was out hunting Bambi with a bow and arrow. I'm tired and my back and eardrums hurt -

but strep throat is worse. I'm sorry you're sick!

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