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August 12, 2008



Hi, Beth.

Sorry you're sick. But at least you have some good drugs to get you through.

Here's something about me...any day now, the UPS man will deliver my new Nikon d40. I just hope my husband doesn't google it and found out what I spent. After being mesmerized by your photos, then Crooked Eyebrow's, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the camera. It's gone on for months. Finally had to do something about it.

Amy F.

The title of your post made me think, "You can sleep when you are dead," which is the line from the Happy Morning Folgers commercial, which I know you've seen before, but I still get a kick out of it.


I don't know how I've never had Strep throat...for that I am thankful. It sounds awful! I'm so glad Brian is such a wonderful husband and father and is taking care of you and the kids!

Nothing major going on in my life. I am so grateful that our parents want to and are able to have Alex for overnights here and there. Alex will be going to my mom's for a couple of days and it is such a nice break for me and I know he's taken care of so well. I really do relish the time while he is gone, but I find myself a little "weepy" tonight (the night before he's going away). Really, truly, I'll be fine once he's gone, but I miss him already :-)

Feel better soon!!


I'm sick too. :( Something about me: I can eat a whole batch of brownies all by myself. LOL. I LOVE brownies!


Strep Sucks! I hope you feel better really, really fast. SMFD, BAH.

Anyway, something about me......I had a crush on the same guy all throughout junior high and high school. I was in love/lust with him. We had many classes together and we would chat all the time, but he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend and all we were only friends for years. I always wished that I had had the guts to ask him out, but nope, not me. Sighhhhhh. HIgh school puppy love is the best : ). I'm over him. Really. I am.


I follow your blog and rarely comment so today is special. :-)

Strep Throat = shot in hiney with my doctor!
Finish all your antibiotics of which require ice cream so that means ice cream for 10 days straight, your pick.

Laura H

Something about me....right now, as I'm writing this, I'm letting my almost 6mo old daughter cry (more like scream) herself to sleep tonight. I think she just fell asleep.

Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, another thing you might like to know, your blog is one of TWO blogs that I ever comment on. I'm slowly making progress on this commenting thing.


Strep throat ='s a total suck fest. So sorry your sick.

A little something about me? I learned today how hard it is to see a neurologist in a timely manner. I have to wait until Oct 27 just to be SEEN by the dr. How annoying is that? I'm so peeved.


So sorry you're sick. Never had strep personally but nursed both DH and 2 kids back from the brink of despair with it. I do, however, have vertigo right now - which if you've never experienced is almost as much fun as strep...especially with 3 kids. The feeling that you might just fall over at any time? classic. When you are potty training and are constantly leaning over the potty wiping 2yo butt, not a good thing. I'm hoping we both feel significantly better in the morning.


Today is my 8th anniversary!

Hope you feel better soon!


Oh strep is the worst!!! I hate it. And seriously, keep eating the ice cream. It's one of the only times that you HAVE to eat it, because it feels so good on your throat.

So here's something about me. We are doing an addition on our house, just an office. But it's so exciting because then we will have an actual office for our computer instead of in the living room! And I'm hoping we'll replace the carpet in our house while we're doing some remodeling.

Good luck--hope you feel better soon!


Oh gosh I'm so sorry you are sick, Beth. I had strep last November and I truly thought I was dying. All I know is I wanted to be dead. It was the worst pain. I hope you feel better soon.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh hon, I'm sorry you're so sick. Take care of yourself so that you bounce back quick.

Hmmm...something about myself. O.K. I have a scar on my forehead. When I was about 6, my brother was chasing me around the car. We had this sidewalk that ran up the side of our driveway made of pebbles and small stones. I tripped and went face down onto one of the slabs and got 5 rocks embedded in my forehead.

Now I have a question, too. What's the most you've ever spent on a piece of clothing? Formal wear and running shoes aside...


You poor thing! We had strep go through a couple weeks ago. Hubby was miserable.

And a nice tie in...

Hunter is a major illness carrier. The little booger never gets sick with normal things, but is a huge carrier. I have gotten strep from him 3 times, and his mom has gotten it more than that. This last time everyone in his mom's house got it, except him. Shocking. They took him in to get tested, and what do you know...positive. Little bogger.

Hope you feel better!!!


I am so sorry you are sick. Strep is the worst. It is one of those things that until you get it, you forget how bad it hurts.
Unfortunately, I can't mail your ice cream request. This is the best I can do (http://cyberbargins.net/icecreamloaf.htm - Scroll down a little bit.). I hope you can use your imagination or send Brian to the store to pick up the stuff to make it for you!

Something about me, heh? I am a night owl. I don't start my daily stuff to do until around 8:00 PM. Then off to bed around 11:00 and up for work at 6:00 AM. And I am not a morning person. Thank God my girls sleep until 10:00 AM on the weekends!

Something I would like to know about you? What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Hope you feel better soon!


want to know something about me? I wish it were ME who had strep throat. then my husband would get off my ass about my wanting to do nothing other than read my new book. he better be glad Edward is a fictional character, he'd be OUT! (the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, if you're wondering what the hell I'm jabbering about)

feel better!


Ok, I have a little story to share with you. Once upon a time, there was a girl who got strep throat. It was a few days after Thanksgiving and she felt like dying for days before going to the dr. She kept thinking it was just a cold and would go away. Anyway, after day 3, the house was looking pretty like a tornado had blown through it since the girl was completely incapable of doing anything. You would think that the other adult that lived in the house (her darling husband) would take it upon himself to pick up a little. You would think that, right? Oh no. He comes in to the bedroom and says to the girl with 104 degree fever, "I think you could at least load the dishwasher." Long story short--the couple ended up in marriage counseling a few weeks afterward.

(Yes, that is a true story.)

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh, I can't believe you have strep throat!! I am so sorry. What can I tell you that you don't already know. Did you know I still want to be a singer? And that once the kids are all old enough, you'll be coming to see me in a play or musical somewhere? Yeah.



OMG, what awful timing. Strep Throat is terrible. You know a lot about me already but I will tell you I am eating as Almond Joy and blogging instead of studying. Shhh, don't tell my instructor...
Hope you feel better soon!


I ain't gonna sugar coat it sister. Strep is THE worst. I am SO, SO sorry...

What can I share? How about that I am totally addicted to Ghiradelli dark chocolate and even when I am trying to eat better I still have to account for some calories for a few squares?

And for you - what other sweet can you not live without besides Bug Bites? ; )


Sorry about the strep! Hate that nasty bug, atleast you should feel better quickly (like 24hrs) after starting the antibiotics. But take it easy....

Something about myself. Ok, well here you go. I'm currently in the process of attempting to mold kitchen wax onto my back, bottom, left molar. I chipped a small piece of the tooth a little over a week ago and this morning the filling that was in there popped out. On the 25th I'm goign to get the tooth pulled then have an implant put in. But until the 25th I'm not sure what I'm going to do, there's a small sharp point that is cutting in to my tongue. Grrrrr.... I hate going to the dentist and now this. Not sure this 'Gulf Wax' that I use to make buckeyes with every christmas is quite the right stuff. LOL.


Oh I'm so sorry! The last time I had strep, I thought I was going to die. Yuck! I don't recall eating anything that made it feel better.

Something about me - well, hmmm . . . I'm afraid of horses. I think they're beautiful, but they scare me. Snakes, lizards, stuff like that, don't bother me much but horses . . .

Yeah, I know - I'm weird. My kids regularly tell me so.

~ Annie


I'm so sorry! Strep throat is horrible. I hope you feel better quickly. The drugs should help. You want to know something about me? Well, today was really long, and it kind of sucked, but then tonight I got to go out with friends and that made it all better. Since all of us teachers have to be back to work tomorrow morning, we decided to have one last night out at the karaoke place. Good times! You see, only one of us (and her niece) actually gets up there and sings. The rest of us are really good at singing along and cheering on anyone else who gets up there. We laughed so much tonight, and learned even more about each other. It was really fun. I think out next NWI bloggy meet up should be at this place! I shall look into it. It would be a blast! Feel better.

Amanda- VintageDutchGirl

If someone figures out a way to email food, PLEASE let everyone else in on the fun.



You mentioned Vicodin... so I'll share.

Vicodin gives me the most horrific, gory, super-scary, wet-the-bed-and-stay-there-because-you're-too-afraid-to-get-out-of-it nightmares.

I have actually prayed that I not remember them, they're so terrible. I just typed out one, but thought, "Nobody needs to read this," and deleted it all. Trust me, they're terribly bad dreams.

So, yeah. I don't do Vicodin.

And I HATE strep throat! Feel better soon!

Heather Allen

Strep throat sucks! But don't you love sporks? I wish I would have invented them. I also wish they made them in stainless steel. I would have like 20 of them. Ok, random, sorry!

I feel so bad for you and the strep. I know how bad it sucks; truly! I had it so often as an adult, they finally removed my tonsils and adnoids when I was 25. Should have had it done when I was like 10, but I guess my doctor at the time wanted me to suffer!

I hope you are feeling better soon!

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