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August 12, 2008



Strep throat, I'm so sorry... when I have hurts I like to take long baths, and long showers, and read a book, it helps some. Feel better.

Mrs. Bubba

I'm sorry about the strep throat, last time I had it they gave me a super shot in the butt cheek and that killed it in about two days, no swallowing big, fat horse pills with a bad throat.

About me... I don't know what would be interesting and keep you busy. Maybe the fact that I like to play World of Warcraft... or that I consider myself a Renaissance Soul... or that I don't fit neatly into any box, for example the Facebook question of Political Views and my answer would be: It depends! Similar idea for most any question one could ask me.

Hope you get better soon!


I'd comment, but I can't read about people being sick or be around sick people without starting to feel sick myself... so no comment from me!

But since I'm here... I've never had strep throat (I won't rub it in) but I hear it sucks! Hopefully it's all over soon!


Strep is no fun....Hope you feel better soon!
Something about me? I used to model as a kid. I did some local ads, and then some Fisher Price toy boxes. Ever have a Fisher Price doll called "Baby Soft Sounds" (back in the early 80's?) That was me on the front of the box.

Feel better!

Susan T

Strep throat is the worst. Hopefully you will feel better very soon.

Something about me ... my kids are at the grandparents so my husband and I decided to paint my daughter's room and their bathroom. I will never know what made us decide to do this a week before school starts. One would think we would have taken the time to relax some.


I couldn't sleep last night so I watched the olympics and finished my Harry Potter book - finally. When actually what I should have been doing was grocery shopping for the 30 people i'll be feeding the next 4 days and loading all the unnecessary crap into our motorhome that one needs when traveling to a horse show with 4 children. You know 70 outfits because none of the girls likes to be dirty;) Tommorrow morning at this time i'll be sitting in one of the draft horse barns at the Indiana State Fair with the rest of my family preparing to go into the show ring at 4p.m - it's the highlight of the summer for my kids (and the adults).. well that and they get to skip 2 of the first 3 days of school...
Hope you get to feeling better!!

Sara Joy

I am de-lurking.
There, now you know something about me. :)
Seriously - so sorry about strep, majorly ucky. Now you know I make up words and use wierd adjectives, that's two things about me.
Thing 3: I am amazingly good at feeling sorry for myself. So if I had strep? All the world would mourn, only because they could not stand one more minute of my pathetic, obnoxious whining.
Love me already, don't you?
Hang in there sister - take more vicodin, and keep on writing - I heart your blog.
There. Thing 4.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt

I had strep like once a year when I was little. I so feel your pain. Didn't they come out with a shot? Almost would be worth it...

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Oh, me? Trying to contain the circus inevitable with friends visiting us in our very tiny house. Fun, but crazy.

The Speckledpup

Okay, since I do not yet know how to email ice cream....
I love to sew. Its the thing I do to relax. I used to make wedding gowns and am quite accomplished. I used to be quite snooty and would only wear things that were handmade. Then I got a life.
I now only sew for my pleasure, making myself or the daughter something pretty to wear. There is a lot of pride in whipping up a new skirt in a half hour to wear out to dinner that night.
I will make three more wedding dresses...one for darling daughter. One each for my twin nieces..and then I'll be done.
Except that my old wedding dress is sitting in the trunk and darling daughter eyes it occasionally and says, you'll make a miniature bride dress out of that for my wedding right? Dear God.
Oh and I'm a complete hypocryte now that I'm all old and wise... I'm getting remarried soon and I bought a dress OFF-THE-FLUFFING-RACK at a bridal store for $99 bucks.
Hope you feel better.


I can't believe you have strep. Yikes! How are the kids doing? I hope you feel better soon.

Nothing new that you don't already know about me. Today we're going to check out a preschool for Luke.


My 4 year old does a Yogi Bear/BooBoo routine that my dad made up yesterday when my 19 month old had a poopy diaper. It involves a stinky diaper in a pic-a-nic (as Yogi would say) basket. He does the voices and it's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. If I could send you a video, I would...it would make you feel better. Or maybe hurt more from laughing. Hope you feel better soon.


ewwww.. oreos and peanut butter cups with a sore throat?? That does not sound like a good idea missy!!!!!

uumm.. the very first thing i thought of was this one time on CE's blog you commented on how cute her black shirt and read necklace were.. and you never said that when I posted a picture of me with a black shirt and red necklace!! :) i even commented that on her blog! :) just kidding.. really i'm over it.. but it was just the first thing that came to mind..

other than that.. its just kinda life as normal.. sorry but i'm one of the 9 gagillion bloggers thats pregnant right now. i cherish every moment of it.. especially after meeting you. (well.. not meeting.. but you know...) but really this part is sooooo boring. I am almost 23 weeks. Should be more exciting.. right?? I feel him move but just little tiny thumps and only like 2 or 3 times a day... not very much. I don't look pregnant so I'm constantly having to tell people and then I get the.. "No you can't be almost 6 month!" Well.. i am.. so shove it!!!!!! I'm not a little girl so I dont really understand where this kid is hiding. the doctor keeps telling me that he is a big boy and growing fast.. but growing where?????? No wonder my tummy was so chubby before.. apparently I had all of this voided space just waiting for something to inhabit it! :)
ummm.. i could kill my co worker today.. shes just being a general brat and undermining everything i say to her. HELLO I'm your boss.. not the best idea! Our boss keeps getting mad at me for things that she does and she spins it back to me.. and doesnt take credit for it.. It's getting really old and I dont have anyone to vent about it too...
ummm... I entered 10 cooking contests this year at the state fair.. it is less than a month away and i have NO CLUE what I'm going to make yet... smart huh???
ummm.. my one year anniversary is in a month and a day. and I really wanted to do something special but I'm also sad because we've been on "pelvic rest" for 12 weeks!!! I feel really bad for my husband that he doesnt get to have a romantic anniversary.. and that almost 9 months of his first year of marriage will be spent.. uhh.. well.. enjoymentless... okay..
maybe thats enough sharing for one day.. plus I should probably get to work and try to smack some sence into the girl sitting next to me!! :)
Hope you feel better... possitive throat vibes comin your way.....

Amy J

I have been dating my husband since Freshman year of college. Aren't we cute? ...


Ugh. Strep is the WORST. Thankfully I haven't had it since I had my tonsils out 10 years ago...

Something about me... I am currently down the shore (or at the beach for those of you outside the Philly metro area) in Ocean City, New Jersey with my extended family. My 6 month old is napping and I'm catching up on blogs and email...


Hmmm. That is awful. Here's sending you LOTS of virtual ice cream.

Something about me? Well, I'm meeting with a contractor today to plan when to start our renovation. I'm excited, nervous and ready to have it done! I'm REALLY not looking forward to living through it...


Something about me...I finally decided to do something about my significant weight gain and started dieting last week.

For kicks I got on the scale yesterday, not expecting to see anything yet.

3 pounds down!


Something about me... let's see I think I pulled a muscle from coughing so much last night. Don't laugh at me because then I will laugh and that will make it hurt even more. If you find someone to bring the soft serve will you give them my addy too? I feel horrible.

On a positive note only 1 month and 1 week until Disneyland!


I am sitting in a hotel room in Lima, Ohio. My hubby is here on business. We were supposed to leave today, but, duty calls which is fine with me. Maid service. No cleaning. No cooking. Dinner out every evening. Fitness center and pool 3 floors below us. Catered breakfast each morning. It doesn't get much better than that. Oh, except for a trip to Hawaii. Or the beach. My sister-in-law just had strep. They gave her a shot of penicillan (spelling?) in her butt. She felt much better in 3 days. Except her butt hurt! Hope you get well soon!!


I am sending you "get better" vibes. HUGS


I had strep throat last year and I thought I was literally going to die. I had such a high fever and our air conditioner decided to quit. It was the worst! I assume you got antibiotics? You should feel better in 24 hours!


I ditched out early from a health fair today, the whole way home fantasing about the slice of leftover pizza I was going to eat for lunch....only to discover my husband ATE IT!


Umm, I just got over one of the worst roids of all times, which I named Ryffani after my best friend and her new husband because I developed said roid at their wedding on Friday...
That was probably TMI, but there it is.


Gosh, so sorry to hear you have strep. It seems like it takes so long to get over it. Hope you are on the upswing soon.

Misty Thacker

oh Girl im so sorry you feel so sh*** strep throat is awful but be so glad they caught it my kids like to have it for so long that they are hosp. never a complaint of a soare throat or an headache...Hope you feel better soon ok now time to tell you something about Me... hmmm... im addicted to smores lately yes i get up in the middle of the night and make one in the micro no need for a fire LOL the other night i had my last marshmellow and cam said mom can i have a bite and i had to think about it hmmmm do i really want to share??? well guess what?? i didnt share ate the whole damn thing i keep thinking....STEP AWAY FROM THE SMORESSSS.... tim is in the field and i cant wait for school is start the 25th cant come soon enough im tired of the im bored...theres nothing to do...blah blahh blahhh onto a pray request please read my blog about my cousin hope u feel better soon


Oh I hope you get better quickly. Surely your husband will bring some soft serve home with him?

About me: I got four fantastic things in the mail today. My Sports Illustrated, my Faith and Family magazine, and two books in a series that I am just about to start reading. And I know Wednesday is my SI day and I am really sad when it does not come on Wednesday.

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