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August 05, 2008



Those are some weird-lookin' Miis! You can have Super Mario Bros 1, 2, & 3 on Wii?! What?! Where have I been? I so need to find this and hook my kids up to the video-game-IV-drip and have some peace and quiet.

I have Wii fit and I just love how after it weighed me my Mii turned fat. ;o(

Adventures In Babywearing

His characters crack me up. I can't believe you need a new one already!



I am embarassed to say that we are still on XBox360 which we have limited amount of games for because they are so expensive and Playstation 2 (not 3...2). I took a recent visit to NJ to visit family and my sister has this beautiful (if I do say so myself) Wii set up in her basement. Big screen TV...lots of room and games out the wazoo!!! The fact that they have 4 kids means nothing here!! It is that my sister is ADDICTED!! and just started the night shift and is home during the day without "adult" supervision!!! I refused to play Wii Bowling with her because I was SCARED that I would end up NEEDING to buy a Wii when I got back to Indiana!!! LOL!!! It's CRAZY!! EVERYONE I know (esp. adults) LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!!!! It is a great time I am sure!!

Happy shopping...what exactly are you looking for??? Good luck with whatever it is!!!

Those guys are pretty freaky!!! I love that Racecar uses the word "handsome"!!!


Geez, those are kinda scary!

Hey...how do you get your posts shortened for Google Reader? Also, for some reason mine is not even updating showing I have new post. Any suggestions?


I love the Mii's. By "love" I mean "am terrified by."


I love the Mii's!! Some people are so creative.

sasha louise

oh my gosh..... Okay so, our wii isn't dead yet but, my boys do this exact same thing. They even deleted me (as I see myself) and made a new "mom". I am so posting the pictures so you have to come look at their creations.

Also, I see nothing wrong with too much wii and the wii induced coma! Thank God for that thing right!!!?

Neurotically Yours!

OMGOSH!! I am cracking up! Your descriptions of who you thought those Miis were are dead on. Dennis Rodman in drag - BWAAHAHAHA!!!!


Those miis are really funny. We like making funny looking and celebrity look-a-like ones at our house too.
Have you contacted Nintendo about your problems? They have really good customer support and may repair it or replace it, especially if you've had it less than a year. Here's the troubleshooting guide:
And if none of that works, call them. Here's the contact info: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/contact.jsp
Good luck!


I realize you wrote about a lot more than this.. but last night.. as I was laying in bed at 8:30 (yes... I get to go to bed at 8:30!) I was thinking.. (for no apparent reason) that I wonder what your kids real names are.

And then I was thinking of what they could be.. and based on James and Jake, I assume they are somewhat traditional.. like Christopher & Sara...

Just funny that you mentioned it since I was sitting awake thinking about it.. I was even contimplating emailing you to ask.. but figured you might think it was a little stalkerish... :)


My kids would love a Wii...I'd love a Wii too! But my kids currently can't drop their Nintendo DS for longer than about 5 minutes. They were so much fun, I bought myself one. And I'm pretty sure if I came home with a Wii, my kids and I would be playing our DS's in the car because that's where we'd be living after my husband kicked us out. Yeah, a Wii would be more fun.

JKP in the AZ




So funny, my daughter is making people on Wii as I type. I think my kids have more fun making people than actually playing the games.


THIS IS SOO FUNNY! I loved it! You are too funny!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

So you are saying that you guys love your Wii? I've been wanting one but I hate spending money. Ever.

Break out their real names, baby! It's liberating!

I can't wait to see what you buy at Ikea, even it is something small.

The Dennis Rodman made me laugh out loud. That's freaky deaky!

Tara R

those are bizarre! It seems to me like the company should replace your Wii... those things shouldn't wear out in less than a year should they?

I wouldn't know since we are still using a gamecube.

I know. We're pathetic.

Christy M.

I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. I CANNOT wait for BJ and Racecar to create some Miis together. No doubt they will be quite freaky. I LOVE the eye makeup!!

You better get that bad boy replaced before we get there ;)


Nintendo is great about repairs. They are super fast too, just call them and they will email you and airbill and what not. We have had our Wii fixed once and I can't even tell you how many times they have repaired our boys DS's for FREE mind you. Even when the baby covered it in liquid soap and when my 4 year old dropped one on the concrete. You will be without a Wii for maybe a week but it is so worth it. Apparently after you have it fixed, your warranty starts over too.


we don't even have ONE Wii, I so want one...maybe next year ;)


Yes! My Wii died last year, it was repaired and sent back in THREE days, with another full year warranty added on from that day forth. I was SO impressed!


Hunter always wants to make more Miis, but I won't let him. I just imagine what they would look like...

Amy F.

These are SO hilarious and I know those who have a Wii especially appreciate the time and effort Racecar put into these "masterpieces."

Sounds like you can get the Wii replaced pretty easily (how the heck is it broken? You guys "Wii"ly wore that thing out! I know, I'm stupid. Anyway, beats paying for another one.

Thanks for sharing the Miis. Mii likey. Again, dumb.


I like you so much better knowing that you let your kids play video games while you take naps. I have serious mommy guilt about letting my son play on his playstation. I think I'd play more if I could make up freaky looking people like these. Hilarious!!


I just bought a Wii but it is a gift for my dad so it is still sitting in a shelf behind stuff waiting to be given. Only a week and a half left. I think the wait may very well kill me. So I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about concerning the guys made on the Wii, but I agree some of them are a little wacky looking. Visiting for the Bloggy Recession. Great name for a blog! And if you find someone to do your laundry, please send them my way.

Rhonda (mimi)

Can I be invited to your next Wii party? I have never seen one being played before. I am so behind the times...we still have our Magnivox concole swivle t.v. Your house sounds too fun...I wanna come and play there.

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