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Laundry Buttons

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August 01, 2008



Aww, congrats Jen! Lucky girl!


looks fantastic! I'm jealous. going to ask hubby for a new house tonight. think he'll say yes if I plead "but my internet friend has one!" ?

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

Hooray for Jen! :)

I've not won anything thus far. I just checked my giveaway and realized I didn't put in the post what time it ended. Oops...

So I'm going to let it go until tomorrow morning.

Note to self: for the Fall Bloggy Giveaway, put in post what time the darned giveaway ends. aHEM.



I didn't win anything, but then again, I didn't enter either. LOL I won a lot the last carnival and I felt too guilty to enter this time around.

And then I didn't give anything away either because I've been sucking at blogging this summer. Next time though I'll be back in it.


No, I didn't win anything. Bummer. But nobody took anything from me, so I guess I came out even:)


I just got the news and I am SO EXCITED!!! This was the only giveaway I entered because I was really busy this past week and then we were away for the past 4 days. I get home and am faced with laundry and unpacking and other yucky chores and see this AWESOME news!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for me!!

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