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August 29, 2008


Christy M.

So glad you finally got around to answering these! You're welcome for the cashews. Better you than me ;)

It makes me very happy that I can read your blog on ruby jr.
Miss you!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

Hey! "Family Ties" RULES!

And "Dylan, Brandon, or Steve?"



And my answer is "Brandon."


As I sit here and drink my beer and eat my pizza (hey, it's Friday! And I really am starting to do WW again faithfully in Sept!), I am excited to see that you want to pursue photography! That is one of my goals this year since my boys have left me for kindergarten. I signed up for the NYIP online course and can't wait to get started! I think you have a real talent for photography! Go for it!

sarah m.

Um, hello? Dylan, Brandon or Steve - you seriously don't know who they are? And I thought you were cool. They're from Beverly Hills 90210!!! And my fave was & still is Dylan. Gotta love the bad boy on the motorcycle w/ long side burns. Yummy!


Oh Beth. You lost cool points with the Dylan, Brandon & Steve thing. :) I am willing to let you slide though because of your desire to move to NC. I grew up there and I'd LOVE love love to go back. Soon. please.

Adventures In Babywearing


: )


The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know

I'm a Dylan girl, too. I even had a cat named Dylan! He was orange, with freckles on his nose. No lie.

I love your writing--your wit, your honesty, your heart that glows in every word! Thank you for sharing with all of us.


okay..this might be retardedly long but i /had/ to comment...ya know?


totally agree about oprah...my mom and i use to watch it obsessively, it was "our thing" (my dad would record it for my mom on TAPE before they had dvr..that's true love) but it has gotten kinda boring and not as interesting.

you totally sidestepped when your birthday was.

"I love going to sleep with my husband by my side, I love that he loves me."

that made me cry a little. my husband has to rotate shifts every couple of months and tonight while he is out arresting drunk people i'm trying to tire myself out because i hate going to bed alone and worrying about him. it is so special to be loved for just you...:)

photography and photoshop classes would rock.

i love the "What does your joy look like today?" question. it's brilliant. with all that's been happening in the last couple of months, i need to remember the little things. i think i'm going to print that up and frame it somewhere.

i love name stories. my stepdaughter's middle name is rayne...and for a long time everybody assumed that it was because it POURED the night she was born but my husband says it's just cause it sounded pretty. men! lol...he got to name her because he took bets with his ex-wife that she would be a girl.

the garden sounds beautiful.

you grandparents sound like neat people...:)

okay..i've rambled enough...here's to finding bigger joy tomorrow!


that was one of my favorite posts to read...lol...i don't know why.

Minivan mom

Brandon in the early years, Steve in the late years.

I'm going to spare you the not-knowing-90210 tongue lashing since Sarah M. beat me to the punch.

And your answer to Tracy about joy? I've had lots of personal difficulty and loss (losing pregnancies, a 44 year old parent to cancer, a sick, premature infant, blah blah blah) but you know what's tough? I TOTALLY get your answer, not in response to any incident, but because that's just who I am NORMALLY. Having a lifelong struggle with depression, I don't need a reason to wake up and have a limited feeling of joy. It kind of sucks, but I've never known any other way.

But I can always find something to be grateful for, even if I feel blah in my gratitude. :)


Oh Beth ... you have no idea how much I love you (yes, I know that sounds creepy) and wish that I lived closer. I can honestly identify so much with you and found myself nodding with understanding in your answers or giggling.

To Think Is To Create

Ok, freaking out (and obsessed) because of two reasons:

1. Dylan. And you would have totally been a Brandon had you known what this was about.

2. My dream is to buy a big property in NC for my whole family so we can all have houses on it and have like the Kennedy compound or something.

P.S. Get outta my head.


Thank you for sharing all that about yourself. The funny and quirky, the emotional and raw honest. You are a special lady and I hope you feel that every day.


Lovelyn's question cracked me up. Were you not a 90210 fan? I'll answer it: Brandon, hands down. Dylan had too much baggage, Steve was insensitive, but Brandon was just a good-ole Midwestern boy with gorgeous eyes.

Sharon - Mom Generations

Your warmth and wit always brings me such wonder. And I know that this particular response is from another of your blogs... but I LOVE BARNS TOO. I love barns. And I guess I should have known all along that you love barns, too. I don't know many other people who do... Love, Sharon


ya know? I had not thought about the swinging door to every kitchen in every 70's and 80's sitcom but now that I think about it you right! lol I miss family ties!

oh and on the Brandon, Dylan, Steve question...I am a rebel and have to go with Steve. Yes he was insensitive but at last he was honest...he was funny and was kind of like ok I know I am a jerk but deal with it. lol. Plus I thought he was cute.


LOL. oh, beth....i totally forgive you for not knowing what the heck i was talking about simply because of the way you answered...hilarious. (and the nice things you said about me!) =)

for the record...i was a dylan girl then, but think i might like steve a lot more if i were watching now.

i so wanted a door like in family ties.

i cannot STAND being cold while going to sleep. i make a cocoon out of blankets around me. yet the thought of sleeping with socks on my feet makes me ILL.

i want some meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a concrete mixer...now. =)

LOVE the name and grandparents stories!


1st i have to say...dylan...always dylan!

secondly, i have a question for you to answer...& forgive me if i missed it or you are still not ready to post...

but i do remember a promise to tell everyone about your experience when buying the trees...i'm still waiting...& only if you're ready...& if you're not...than that's fine too...just curious... ;)

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Dylan is yummy...

And I'm with you on the photography...I would love to take classes and halfway decent shots...

But that all starts with a halfway decent camera...

Goodies for Mom

Let's move to NC together!!! I love it there.

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