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August 17, 2008


Christy M.

Be still my heart.

designHER Momma

oh no worries here! If you lived closer I'd bring you a dozen red velvet Elvis cupcakes from the famous Indy "Flying Cupcake" store.

Get better soon and enjoy your house guest. Blogging will always be here when you are ready to return...


How dare you not blog when you are sick and have such an awesome house guest . Sheesh....

Looking forward to all the fab U lous stories of the Ruby and Roja gilrs!

Adventures In Babywearing

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the celery. You are awesome.


Visit your blog-check
Laugh at your list-check
Jealous of your cupcake-check
Wish you get well soon-check
That's my list!


Enjoy the time with your friend while you can! And you were so telling the truth about those Bug Bites. Oh my, I'm hooked! I even got them at that store that shall remain nameless (because you're trying not to go there, and I said I've never, ever go there again.) It was an emergency though. School starts on Wednesday and Target was out of marker boards. I did battle in the school aisles on the last weekend before school starts, and lived to tell about it.
I hope you feel better soon.

Sharon - Mom Generations

At least there aren't chips and jelly and mud and bras all over the kitchen floor!


That is an absolutely fantastic to-do list!!!


sounds like you need stronger antibiotics girl!
Hope you feel better soon.


Your to-do lists sounds so amazingly similar to mine! =) I love it!


love the checklist. Mine looks that way some days too!


ok, can I just tell you that the picture of you all on the rocks by the water is the most beautiful picture! The reflection is amazing!!!!!

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