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August 09, 2008


To Think Is To Create

I pray and hope for that for you, too. So very much.

Miss you mucho, time apart is hard, but I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. Need to hug you very soon, tho.

Happy Mommy

Enjoy your time with your family~! I pray you can dream of them often!

Tracy F

I was thinking about you. I am so glad that you are getting to spend time with your sister. Enjoy!


I do hope you slept well and continue to have a great time!

You are so very loved my many peeps....

Adventures In Babywearing

I do hope they come to you in your dreams. And if they haven't yet, I think they will someday. I hope you have a great time this weekend- it sounds perfect- as perfect as it can be. You so deserve that.



Thank you for reminding us all to cherish what is around us. I'm going to hug my family now.

Much love,


I hope last night brought you the most beautiful dreams of your boys and that you will enjoy today with the kind of joy that you didn't think possible last night. Hugs, Beth.

Bluegrass Mama

Welcome to my neck of the woods! I hope you can enjoy this time with your extended family, especially since you were fortunate enough to pick the nicest weekend of the entire summer. I pray that time will continue to ease your grief, though you will always miss your boys.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Im so glad that you are starting to feel the joy in your life again. Have a wonderful time down there.


They are there! They know you love them; they will live in your heart as long as you let them, which will be forever! Have a great time and heal.

Tara R

I'm glad you are enjoying your time away... embrace those memories- they are an enormous part of your life.


I don't think feeling your boys in your dreams is too much to ask. I pray that you are consumed by peace and that you do get to be with your babies while you sleep. It's not fair that you have had to go through all of this pain. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. It is a really beautiful way to keep James and Jake alive in our hearts.


I'm glad that you can still feel the love that surrounds you! I hope you dreamt of James & Jake last night! <3


Delurking to say that I wish I knew what I could say that would offer you comfort. I read your post earlier today and have been thinking about it on and off throughout the day. A few minutes ago, I opened up Kate's blog (one that I've read for a long time) and saw her posting. It struck me that you might find some comfort in seeing that there are others that relate to your pain. Anyway, it helped me. Maybe it will help you. (http://www.sweetsalty.com/sweetsalty/2008/8/8/the-jerk-the-breeze-and-the-cherub.html)

I'd link for you if I knew how.

Anyway, look, don't look - either way, know that you have lots of people that while they've not met you, care about you and pray for you and your family.


Hmmm... I copied her link but it doesn't seem to work. Try http://www.sweetsalty.com/


Christy M.

I'm missing you girl. I can't wait to see you in 3.5 short days. I'm so happy that y'all are having a good time at your sister's. Why don't you stuff her in your suitcase and bring her home with you so I can meet her and hang out with her too. Pretty please.

I hope James and Jake came to you in your dreams last night and tonight and every night.

Love you, girl.

Heather Allen

I hope you have a good trip despite the memories and sadness. I hope you got to see your boys in your dreams. I;m praying for you!


Eleven days, whew. That IS soon..but I bet it was a great distraction for your lovely kids.

You are so lucky, to have a sister. I am insanely jealous, I have longed for a sister all my life, someone to share that kind of connection with. I am thankful I have brothers, but you know, it just isn't the same.

I hate that your heart is sore right now, but I do hope you have wonderful dreams, and often! I imagine, it will always be sore. I wish I could tell you, in "X" amount of time, the pain will finally start to lift..I wish I could. You have lost, but you seem to be really good at surrounding yourself with this beautiful kind of love.

Rhonda (mimi)

I do hope they come to you in your dreams and you feel that emptiness subside. This happens sometimes when I start missing a loved one. God knows what we need and he will continue to help you thru this. Glad you were able to go see your sister and family. Enjoy.


I just wanted to say I'm so glad you are still sharing your story here. It's always interesting and engrossing to read your blog and always feel free to talk about your twin boys as much as you like! A friend of mine recently lost her year-old son to cancer and reading your thoughts has been really helpful, in terms of understanding what she is going through. Thank you!

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