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August 11, 2008



Feel better!! There is a nasty bug going around here too, I have had it for a week. I sound lovely.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

And why wouldn't you think I wanted the apple? Don't you just think health and nutrition when you think of me?

Yeah, me neither.

I'm sorry you're sick, man. I'm not feeling so hot either, but I think mine is dust allergy related. Cleaning the basement bites.


I am sorry I you are sick. I feel bad for you having all those things at once! That's no fun at all. But reading this was fun! Glad you had some free time on your hands! It was good for us!



Hope you are feeling better soon. My hubby has been sick with the same thing for the last three days. He sounds terrible and I feel so bad for him.

Take care of yourself!!!!


It was a great day at the park and I'm slowly getting the photos done. All 5.3 million of them.


Sorry you're sick, but you are pretty funny.

Poor hubby, wish mine would do that.

I want a cupcake anyway. The site is beautiful.

Christy M.

You are not allowed to be sick this week. At all. So get over it quick. Like now.

That's an order.

Adventures In Babywearing

Linking to your contest now. I constantly want a donut every time I see that darn Blog Nosh logo. I loved today- a park day with you and your children is perfect. And I know you must stare at them all day because they are the most delightful things ever.


Mrs. Schmitty

Feel better soon!


The new website looks beautiful. Can't wait to hear about your visit with Christy!


I hope you feel better very soon. I love, love, love IKEA! We did our whole kitchen remodel from there, so I feel your husband's pain in the furniture putting together. The worst is everything is metric, so if you bust a screw, it can be tough finding another to replace it. And I love that painting. They have some really beautiful ones, but that one looks amazing with the paint color on your wall.

mrs. f5

Definitely hope you're feeling better soon, and am in major awe that you were able to muster a park outing under the circumstances.

When I'm under the weather, this house is transformed into Lazytown. No, literally: I turn on Lazytown, they watch it, I try to sleep it off. Park, shmark. ;)

Rhonda (mimi)

You are a crack up even when you are sick. When I clicked on CE, it took me to Steph...the fever must have really got you. I was with Steph and boys last night and the boys had a great time with your kids. That was so nice to all meet and enjoy a beautiful summer day. I can't wait to see pics. Relax, take it easy and get well soon! P.S. I am still lovin' my new blog look....It feels like I got a face lift.

sarah m.

I'm pretty sure "my uterus is trying to come out of my butt" has to be one of the funniest things you've ever written! I'm sure you don't think it's funny considering the pain that must be involved in that, but I actually laughed out loud. Sorry, but I did. Next week when it's my turn for that kind of pain, feel free to laugh at me! Hope you feel better soon!!


Does that go ask your Dad thing really work at your house? If so can I get some pointers? I'm sick too and I swear the minute I get a fever the kids are all over me. I sure hope you feel better soon.


Ihope you feel better soon BEth!


Oh no! Hope you're feeling better today! :)


I love the title of today's blog "mom's sick, go ask your dad" . . .it caught my eye because I was sure that you were now writing fiction. Mom being sick in this house is not possible. I would have to be in ICU to have them do the mom chores.

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