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August 22, 2008



This is when I so miss teaching! Those first days with all the excitement!
They look so cute :-)


those picture are sooo cute!!!!!!

Adventures In Babywearing

Beth, these photos make me SO happy.


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Let me tell you, Racecar has got the MOVES!

And that picture of Ariel on the steps is a scrapbook page waiting to happen.

AND you have grass!!


It's just scary how much Ariel looks like you! *wink* Good job, Mom - you're going great!



Where does the time go. Those pictures of beautiful. Aeriel looks so much like you. My baby boy is the same age as Racecar and next year they will be in kindergarten. My oldest started 2nd grade. Amazing how they grow up so fast to to wonderful children. You have two beauiful kids my dear.

Mrs. Bubba

These are beautiful pictures. I love first day of school pictures. My 13 year old thinks they are cheesy but usually he humors me. It's nice to see how they're growing with a specific marker of the first day of school. I like comparing the pictures from years past.


Their gorgeous smiles and the poses that showcase their personalities are perfect. It happens much too fast. I marvel at how much mine changed over the past year and feel like I'm missing it in slow motion. Then it all speeds up and the time is gone.


Ariel could be your twin! I truely can't believe they've gotten so big. You're doing such a wonderful job with them--you should be proud!


Cute photos! My babies left me for Kindergarten yesterday too. ;o(


They sure are great kids. It shows us all htat we need to enjoy the precious time we have with our kids. Soon, they won't want to have anything to do with us...


great photos!

Tracy F

Aaaack!!! They are so stinkin' cute!!! Where did the time go? Seriously, they don't fit the names you gave them on the blog anymore. They both fit the beautiful names you and B gave them.

I hope their first day was amazing!!


OMG! I never noticed until these pics that Ariel is the spitting image of you!! (Yeah, I'm not real observant, apparently.)

Missy at Marketing Mama

Oh my, they are so beautiful and happy. Great photos! :)

Susan B

What beautiful children and photos!!

Christy M.

Oh my goodness. If they were any cuter, I'd have to spank them both.

Give them hugs and kisses from me, BJ & Mia :)

We'll be taking those photos on Monday when BJ starts his first day of pre-K. Oy!!


I just love first day of school pictures! Thanks for sharing their cuteness with the world!


Oh so cute!


Those are great pictures! They looks so happy and excited. What a great way to go back to school.


They are so sweet it makes my heart hurt! I can't imagine mine at that age!

Deconstructing Jen

You have such gorgeous children. Your sentiments to them were beautiful.


Great pics! Your kids are adorable!

Jessie Z.

Adorable kids! I just love first day of school pictures. I am sure they are glad to have great parents like you too!!


Oh my golly they are precious. But yes, please tell me where does the time go?

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