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Laundry Buttons

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August 24, 2008



Oh, yes, this looks very familiar. Especially at the end of a weekend! I actually have a Kohl's bag on my kitchen floor right now, too! If it makes you feel better, my current kitchen picture includes both sides of the sink being full of non-soaking dirty dishes, a suitcase on the floor, three unpacked grocery bags, lots and lots of crumbs, and three pairs of crumpled tinkerbell panties on the floor - assumably dirty. So, my dear - your kitchen is very normal! Congratulations! :) Ha!

Rhonda (mimi)

Your kitchen looks fine. Enjoy your family cause the work will always be there, but the kids won't be this age long.

Amy F.

I LOVE that your kitchen looked like this. The kitchen tends to pile up the quickest and be the messiest room in our house as well. I often try to semi-clean it up each night before bed and at least wake up to a clean(er) kitchen, but it doesn't always happen. I always feel better once it's picked up....I'm sure you do, too. Thanks for showing us how REAL you are. And you're so brave to post that pic, but truly, I can SO relate!!

Your frat house description of your house is hilarious....but maybe not so funny when you're living in it. Love ya and anxiously awaiting your regular appearance back into the blogging world!!


I wish I had a kitchen this big...but the stuff on the counters - yep, looks like mine!!!


Your kitchen is clean compared to mine at the moment. I'm making frozen pizza for dinner because I have no room and nothing clean to cook with anyway!

Susan T

Not only does my kitchen look like that...my family room floor is covered with laundry that needs to be washed. (And the upstairs hallway still has paint supplies in it since we're not done painting the kids bathroom yet.)

Good luck getting caught up!

that girl

Well I am online because I don't want to DEAL with my entire HOUSE which looks like that in every room except the one I'm in at the moment! It's the first room in the house, the only one a neighbor can see if they come to the door, so I keep it clean. The rest? Tornado.

School starts Tuesday for us!

Sharon - Mom Generations

Ah... my kitchen and my entire house did look like this yesterday morning. But. And this is a BIG but... Barry and I actually cleaned everything. Yes. Everything. It took us 2 entire days of cleaning and sorting and donating and cleaning... and we are not quite done... BUT I actually feel centered and organized and hopeful tonight (ok. maybe that's the beer talking). Let me continue. We organized a linen closet that we threw stuff in 3 years ago when we moved in. I now have neat stacks of towels. Face cloths. And organized toiletries. I now have my workout stuff in one place. I have hooks in every closet. No. Not hookers. I am free of clutter. We donated bags and bags of stuff. I am free. Well, almost. I just need to maintain. Yes. Maintain. Do you need me to come help you while I'm feeling this freedom!!!??? I'm almost ready to start in on my kids' houses. Don't get me started... !!!!


You just reminded me of a photo I took last week when all my kids started school. I decided to take a before and after pic of my kitchen mess. I just posted it on my blog, hope it makes you feel a little better about your mess. ;o)


Same here every other day. In between I actually clean it. Then it gets trashed. I knew those "model" pictures were staged!


Wow - I feel normal if yours looks like that! I can only keep mine today for about 2 days; the weekend is when it gets trashed. It's like I need a dumping room from coming in after shopping before I get to the kitchen ... now that would keep my kitchen tidy! Oh, and your kitchen is still BEAUTIFUL even if it is a little messy. :-)


Hmmm... ya sure you didn't sneak into my house and take a pic of my kitchen? Oh yes, as I look closer mine actually includes two laptops on the counter (which seem to stay there all the time), the lunch bag waiting to be filled before bed tonight, notes all over the frig of all the things I can't forget tomorrow morning... oh so much more.

(make ya feel better?)

Believe me, every morning my kitchen can start off spotless and every evening it looks like that. What's the deal with that? Oh, actually when DH is out of town it does stay a bit cleaner... but who's going to nitpick? I remember when we bought our house almost 3 yrs ago we PROMISED our increased counter space was absolutely NOT going to covered in clutter as our past, smaller, kitchen counters were. I don't think that lasted a full two days.

Glad to know there are moms out there like me. To make myself feel better about the clutter and mess.... I tell myself I'm out living and experiencing with my kids rather than stuck inside the house cleaning. LOL.. we need all the things that make us feel better.



Your kitchen looks sparkling clean next to mine right now! How's that? Yeah, I need to spend a day or two just cleaning this sty soon or we or likely to get lost in here :)


Hey I have seen way worse! Yes mine has looked like that a few times hehe


See, and I was worried when I saw that island and you said that folding laundry on it was awesome. My counters, no matter how much of them I have ever had, always look yours in the picture. Always. It drives my husband insane. Every 4th month I seem to be motivated enough to find them...which lasts about a day, and then they disappear again.


Let me tell you right now, your kitchen and mine, could be sisters...except yours is a lot bigger, nicer and there are no cabinet handles hanging from one screw on the front of drawers. Yeah. I am HER. MEH!


OMG...you did sneak into my house! My kitchen looks like that every single day. After we moved in it stayed a little cleaner the first few weeks but then we lost the battle! You're just missing the mix of cereal boxes and craft items on the kitchen table and you would have my kitchen!!! And well truthfully (its a little cleaner than mine!) And I freaking clean it every day (well almost every other day) . I think little gremlins come at various times during the day and just take stuff out and leave cabinet doors open just to annoy me.

So yes you are super normal!


My kitchen could look like that. If I had those handy-dandy little things called *cabinet doors* up. But, sadly, I took them down to paint them a ... umm... while back... and so my kitchen NEVER looks nearly as good as yours.

Shh....don't tell anyone. That's my little secret. ;o)


Yes...this is exactly what my kitchen, my whole house, looks like the majority of the time. The days I do get it clean, I swear I'm not going to let it get that way again. Definitely a battle I'm losing! But I enjoying watching my little guy grow up, and that makes it all worth it!

Deconstructing Jen

Oh yes, my kitchen looks like that many days only it's about 1/2 that size but with the same amount of stuff. Earlier this morning it was pretty much exactly like that, grocery bags and all.

By the way, how are the bags working out? Do you still like them? I have about 15 and use them for everything - even trips to the pool, lol.

Drama Queen

HA! That kitchen makes mine look clean! There is still plenty of open countertop space for your kids (husband) to leave dirty dishes. I get it all nice and clean go change the laundry, come back and it's a mess again. Don't feel bad....you're SO not alone!!


Yeah, mine looks a lot this most of the time. You are in good company!


Looks so much like my house it made me laugh! Glad to know that I am not alone! :)

To Think Is To Create

I didn't know kitchens ever *didn't* look like this!

It's so funny because just tonight I was moaning about living in a frat house. It's just sick and wrong. I want to be a queen in a castle with many many ladies in waiting.

Erica @Butterfly Kisses

Well, my kitchen almost looks like that. Yours is missing the tons of dishes stacked up in the sink!!!

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