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August 18, 2008



Glad you had a good weekend! Such a beautiful family!


I love all of these shots. Love them.
SO...when are we going to go out and shoot?

Because there are a lot of beautiful things out there calling us...

Hope you and Christy enjoy your day today!


Beautiful....thanks for sharing! Soo glad you had a refreshing weekend! :)


beautiful photos...


Awesome pics!! I love the one with the reflection the best. I thought it was upside down at first. I couldn't tell which was the reflection and which was the original! Superb :)

Glad you had a great weekend.

Adventures In Babywearing

These photos are fabulous. I am so glad you had a good weekend together!



You have got such a great eye for photographs. Love them! Good to hear your weekend was a great one. I hope your throat is all better too.


Awesome pictures Beth! Just out of curiosity, what kind of camera/lenses do you have?

Twisted Cinderella

Those are great pics!

Rhonda (Mimi)

Beautiful photos. The 5th one down, she has that Elvis lip going on. Your kids are precious.

Kalle C

So glad you had an amazing weekend. It's so nice to have those weekends where everything is beautiful. Hope you start feeling better soon.


great pictures! Love the one with the reflection in the water!


You are an amazing photographer! These pictures are just stunning! Thanks for sharing!


Okay, Ansel Adams, what kind of camera are you using? The barn and silo is my favorite. But those kiddos are beautiful!


So you taking amazing picturs and you're awesome at designing blogs!? WOW! You are one talented woman! =)


Good times, good friends. What more can we ask for?


What expressive photos! I need to go pinch a baby's cheeks now...


Those are gorgeous pictures, what wonderful mementos. i LOVE the one with the crooked nose/smile, that one is stuck in my head now. Glad that you had such a great weekend.

Susan Breeding

What totally awesome, gorgeous pictures!! Share anytime you want to!


Seriously, you are an amazing photographer! I love the shots you get. I wish I could see what you see. Maybe if I didn't have a crappy camera (you know the John & Kate camera) it would help.
Glad you're feeling better and you had a great weekend!

Christy M.

Thank you for taking so many wonderful pictures while I was here. And thanks for inspiring me to disregard what my husband says and go ahead and get the camera. SMFD, I work hard for the money ;)


Beautiful pictures! (and very funny blog title!) I'm new to blogging and found your site over at "yes, their all mine." Look forward to reading more of your post!

Sharon - Mom Generations

One word says it all... magnificent.


Amazing photos as usual! I do hope you are keeping a scrapbook of them. I am going to print the one of the barn and hang it in my kitchen. Now with all of the pics of yours I intend on doing that with, I could open my own BHF photo gallery. What do you think?


Seriously...what kind of lens did you use. These are amazing pictures and I am in the market for a new lens. You are truly talented!

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