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August 28, 2008


sarah m.

How dare that horrible woman be so mean to you?! I would've kicked her a$$ for you if I was there :) I'm glad you got to laugh a little at the show. I think it really is the best medicine.


please know we all love you...


I'll track her down and kick her ass if you want me to.

And I'd recognize you too and come say hello if we were ever in the same state!

You're a strong woman. Keep it up and don't let awful people like her get the best parts of you!!!

Rhonda (mimi_

Shame on that lady. There are too many busy bodies in this world. Sorry she upset you like that. Glad you had a good night, in spite of her. That's right, don't be a victim. Hope you have better days ahead...you deserve them...


sorry about the mean crazy lady...that made me sad. i hope you found some quiet and smiles. big hugs.


That bitch! ;o) I hear ya, sometimes I wish I could have a little P&Q.


How rude; people need to mind their own business! Sorry she ruined the night; people can be so annoying, but forget the idiot and move on. She is not worth your thoughts, and if you think she is, you are a better person than me!

Tara R

oh AMEN to the needing quiet once in awhile!!!

Adventures In Babywearing

We were just talking about you going to that show last night. I am so sad I didn't think to get tickets and next time he's around, Jeff and I totally want to go, too! Or we can make it a ladies night!



Bitchy people are just plain awful. We say by one during Ron White, and I am close to loosing it. I don't handle that well at all.


Jim Gaffigan - i've listened to him on Bob and Tom.. Glad you ended up enjoying the show despite the nasty lady..
Bought our first two boxes of bug bites last night - I saw them and thought of you.
And i'm right with you on the whole "can't I just get some peace and quiet" front. I was trying to type one sentence here at work yesterday and people were annoying me with their loudness.. I finally put my eyepod in so I could concentrate.. music doesn't bug me apparently people do:) lol Have a nice weekend..


I bet she was fat and ugly and jealous because you are so beautiful and sweet!

Ashley @ mrs007.net

Even if it were against the rules for you to take pictures....what the friggin' crap? Who designated her the camera police?

I have totally felt like that before. Sometimes I wish we did know everyone's "story". I guess most people are decent enough to just be kind to everyone w/out knowing their story. And then we have people like that...who just need to have a beer and relax! GRRRR!

Mrs. Schmitty

Witch. People just need to mind their own business. I'm sorry you had to deal with someone like her. I'm glad you got to laugh, laughter is the best medicine. HUGS!

Christy M.

She was just jealous of your badass camera. That's all ;)


Had I known earlier I would have happily traded you seats. Evil woman. I loved seeing you too - wish we could have hung out longer. We'll be back again for the festival. You going?


I have been a long time lurker and I love you and your honesty. I cry a lot when I read your blog, you touch me so much!

Anyhoo, I couldn't read your latest entry without commenting. I feel that I can relate to your experience with the nasty lady. I don't know why people are this way, I always try to be kind and polite to people and when someone ruins my day with a bad attitude it just hurts. I cried in a bank drive through once over something that was said to me by a lady in another car!! And then I got mad at myself for letting a complete stranger get to me!

Just keep being you with your wonderful, honest self and you will be fine!

Oh, and I LOVE the photos you take. You have a gift, I'd say!

A fan in Ohio!

Jessie Z.

What a meanie! I would have punched her out! People are so ridiculous sometimes...but I am glad you gave her the 'ol stink eye. She deserved it. Just know in your heart that you are a good person and at least you are not bitter like her. I am glad you had a good time anyways! You deserve it...=)


I love love love Jim Gaffigan too! He is wonderful - and I'm so glad you were able to overcome the tears and enjoy yourself. She was a jerk - and deserving of the evil eye. :o)


i have a quote that i posted in my house...
dont judge others, you have no idea what they're journey has been.

wish i could have said that to that nasty woman


I was at the late show that SAME night....

I am sorry she was an ass...HUGS...


Can I just say? I worked at the Star Plaza Theatre all through college. You totally CAN take pictures in there.


I love him in My Boys on TBS. Which reminds me I need to catch up on the last few episodes I missed :)


#1 - We'll just call the mean chick crazy drunk chick from now on. 'Cause she just had to be. Cameras are allowed practically everywhere, especially if they're just regular old digital cameras.

#2 - You're blog-famous! How cool is that!

#3 - Jim Gaffigan rocks! We're thinking about going to see him when he is here in KC. He makes me giggle. Lots.


I was there too, man! At the late show...

And boy howdy, did I need those laughs.

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