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August 19, 2008



Nah, everyone feels this way. The blog world has been slow lately. My blog will bore all of you who are insomniacs...Swear! For a good snore, check it out.

Kids, in school, days get shorter, Fall, then winter...another year will pass. They whip by faster and faster the older you get.

Sharon - Mom Generations

Oh, I know exactly how you feel! My husband and I are spending a couple of days at Cape Cod, and the evenings are cool... September cool... and it reminds me of school and homework and Fall and sweaters and schedules. I've been retired from teaching for 6 years now, and I still feel that sadness of summer gone with that excitement of a new year... but this year brings my 2 granddaughters starting 2nd grade... 1 grandson starting kindergarten... 1 grandson starting pre-K... 2 grandsons in pre-school... so I'm beginning to "feel" the new ways that everyone looks at "time." This summer, I have seen 6 of my grandchildren almost every day at a local pool club... watching their smiles, their accomplishments... eating lunch with them... twirling them in the pool... and just letting each moment run into another with no thought of time getting away. Ah... let me catch my breath, put on my sweater... and get ready for Fall with a great big smile!!


I am so glad that you and Christy had a most awesome time, but then again, I already knew you would. I love that girl : ). Anyhoo, Sophie is only going to preschool this year, no kindergarten until next year and I'm already getting anxious about that. No more blinking, m'kay?


Oh yes, I definitely feel how fast the time is going. Where did summer go? I had all these grand plans and really got so little accomplished. My kids go back on Monday and I have to admit I'm not that sad. I love them dearly but I am ready for some peace and quiet.

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