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August 25, 2008



crack me up....well your sweet little boy can't help it if he's POPULAR...hello, he must get it from his mother!!! :D

Happy Mommy

That is so funny! At football the other night my just turned 7 year old son was talking about our WII and a group of 10 or 11 year olds kind of surrounded us and started asking questions, they don't have one...


Wii's definitely boost popularity around here too. Hopefully, no offense, they'll decide he's not so much fun after all. I have an 8 year old, and I can't imagine letting him just "run the neighborhood". A little weird.


Ummmm... can I come in and play Wii? Seriously. I've never played before. I feel left out. :)


I am sure it was cute the first time. Maybe the second. I can see how you may get a little annoyed. I am guilty of sending my kids outside to play when the neighborhood kids come over... hey, some days I can barely handle my OWN kids!! ;o)

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I would totally freak out if a 10 year old wanted to play with my son. Seriously, are there no other 10 year olds for him to play with?


In our neighborhood everyone plays. My rule is, other kids can't come in the house to play unless I talk to the parents first. Go ahead - let them play! My son is 11 and he plays with a 13 year old regularly and also a 4 year old girl and a 7 or 8 year old girl and boy. They have been playing for years. Mine also plays with another 4 year old down the block (at his house, and has been invited the last two years to the 4 year old birthday party). My 11 year old, has also babysat once for the 4 year old, while his grandmother was home.


Oh boy. This sounds like a fun game that is sure to carry on :) Next time, tell them he left for college.


Can I play too?? I've never played Wii.


Welcome to my world. I have had kids come to my door and say "Can your kid come play?" They don't even know her name!


Oh, that is so funny!


I gotta tell you, I really like my neighbor's kid who happens to be the exact same age as my son. They get along like gangbusters, but every day of the summer that kid would be at my door...and during the school year he stops by at 6:30 and wants to come play. I'm thinking of pinning a bill to his shirt next time I send him home. I am not a daycare!


This was too funny! I've played wii before. Can I come in and play? :-)


this is JUST the beginning...just wait. I find we have to 'man' the doors everytime a kid goes out to play with friends, it doesn't take long before a train of neighborhood ankle-biters are trapsing through the house.

LOL@ Anna crying about the bus!


I'm with doglover -- let him play! We have tons of kids on our street and they all play. Last year, when my oldest started kindergarten, the 5th grader down the block agreed to help her on the bus home from school and became her buddy. She's a great influence and doesn't mind occasionally playing with a kid a lot younger. Very sweet. To me, that's what living in a neighborhood is all about. (Of course, that attitude landed me with a houseful of kids last week, one of whom apparently had pink eye, so what the heck do I know?!)


Way to stand your ground woman!!!


LOL, that was good. I'm with ya on the "but he's four" deal. Mine is just five now, but still...very funny. :)


My kids are all grown now. After learning the hard way, my kids could only play with kids if I knew the parents. Older kids playing with my little ones never felt right to me. Not to say that I didn't let them every now and again but still.


I'm a side story kind of person, too! I think it drives my husband nuts!

Musings of a Housewife

Good NIGHT. Where are those kids' parents? Oy.

Rhonda (Mimi)

So funny! Love their names too, Fred & Barney? I can remember when my son was your son's age and I let him and the neighbor girl, the same age play together in our yard...I look out the window and see them both with their clothes off running around a tree naked as jaybirds! From then on, he was supervised when playing with that little girl.


How funny! Sounds like they'll pass the word around the neighborhood that your hosue is the one with the Wii to play!


I always tell side stories when I share a story. =) Ehh, good luck with the neighborhood kids--I haven't had to encounter that problem yet!


I love how they came to your back door. I mean wow, those are some persisitent little monkeys!

Sounds like they "sniffed out" the Wii...

Twisted Cinderella

Too funny! I have had many similar conversations with kids in our neighbourhood. (just a note, heaven forbid I ever send my kid outside with a Freezie or any other snack without having enough for every kid in our neighbourhood and the surrounding ones as well. They all magically appear at our front door at first whisper of food)

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