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September 03, 2008



I'm on the Weight Watchers bandwagon...joined three weeks ago and I'm down six pounds so far. It's hard, but watching the scale dip lower each time is sooo motivating! Good luck and joining with a pal makes it alot easier! And when you're ready, I have a killer easy chocolate muffin recipe that is only three points!!


How much does it cost? I've never known anyone who was on it to ask....I have to admit I HAVE thought about joining.

Jessica R

Count me in. I joined a couple of weeks ago and I've been doing okay but I could use some motivation to really stay on the wagon!


Me! Me!! I am starting back on WW since I have been paying for it all year. ;o) You two should join the "Hot for the Holidays" challenge I am doing too! It starts Monday and goes through Dec. 5. I have the link on my blog -check it out!!


Me! Me!! I am starting back on WW since I have been paying for it all year. ;o) You two should join the "Hot for the Holidays" challenge I am doing too! It starts Monday and goes through Dec. 5. I have the link on my blog -check it out!!


Sign me up! I'm in for the weight loss, but my sign up is for the gym. I haven't done anything active in so long, and I need to get my butt to the gym more often and lose this flab. My 20 year high school reunion is looming, and I am NOT going to be the fat SAHM....I want to be the hot MILF!! :)

Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~

I did L.A. Weightloss a few years back and lost 30 lbs in 3 months. I kept it off for a year and then got prego. I finally lost all my baby weight when the baby was about a year old and so far have kept it off.

Just wanted to say YOU CAN DO IT!!! Good luck! I think it's fabulous you have a friend joining with you! Teamwork!! :-)



I'm doing the Tweightloss challenge right now. I need to get better at it though. I mean, I'm losing but I know I could be doing better if I were more disciplined. Challenge me!

Sharon - Mom Generations

You should really join Tweightloss! The best part is that you can do any other weight loss system... like Weight Watchers, which is a great choice... and keep in close contact with even more people on Twitter. I have lost 5 pounds since Tweightloss began, just adding walking each day... and thinking about my Tweightloss team before I eat that cookie or ice cream cone. Barry is down a few pounds, too... and he and Audrey are a team at our local YMCA for health and fitness. Jane teamed up with Audrey's husband for the same YMCA fitness regimen. I am kind-of on my own... but doing what they are doing... swimming, running, etc. But Tweightloss is what got us all motivated, and what has kept us all on track! Give it a try... with your Weight Watchers buddy. And me!


I'll join you guys in a few months : ). And then I will lose weight with super sonic speed and everyone will hate me because I will be beautiful. For realz.

Christy M.

I just finished off my cookies and cream ice cream and I'm about to hit the pantry one more time before bed!

I am so excited to be going down this road again with you Beth. We ROCKED the first time around and I'm sure we'll do even better this time. Shoot, I only have 25 pounds to lose as opposed to 50 before!

Bring it on!!!!!

Adventures In Babywearing

Get back to me on that weight thing in about a month. I might join you but am hoping 50 lbs miraculously drops off on its own.



Thanks for the inspiration. I'm getting to the point that "baby weight" can no longer be an excuse. Wasn't breastfeeding supposed to help me lose weight? I've been nursing for 7 months now and still have 9 of the 31 pounds I gained to go! I went walking before dinner last night and even thought that my shadow was looking fat! Now that's bad. I joined the Y this week - maybe I should do WW too?

Megan (FriedOkra)

Oh goody! I love it when you write over there and I'm off to read and comment. Good luck with WW - twenty pounds is nothin' - you'll have those off in no time, pretty lady!

Jessie Z.

I did Weight Watchers before and that is the only thing that works for me. I would totally do it with you if I wasn't growing a baby. Maybe if you are still doing it after the baby is born I will join. Good luck!! I know you can do it...20lbs is nothing...easy-peasy!


Me, Me! I want to join with you. No, make that I need to join with you. I am sick of feeling fat. I just don't know if I could actually do the Weight Watchers thing. I have no discipline.


Right, I am already a member and a happy one too!

Ann G

Well I went to a endocronologist yesterday and he told me to join Weight Watchers, so I will join you on this weight loss journey. I wish I just needed to lose 20 pounds though....But soon I will only need to lose the last 20 pounds.


WW is awesome!
A great recipe for something sweet is for chocolate cupcakes...only 1 point if you make 25 of them! All you do is mix one box of cake mix and 12 ounces of diet coke. That's IT! And bake it with the directions on the back (something like 25 mins at 350 degrees). Delicious and if you just put some confectioners sugar on them, it's a good treat!
Good luck :)

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