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September 05, 2008



Wow. I dont' even know what to say. That is horrible. What a horrible, evil, rotten, awful, ignorant, cruel, mean-spirited and nasty woman. Okay, I guess I do know what to say! I am sorry, so very sorry, that you had to deal with someone like this. Just know that you have shared your story with so many people, and there are so many of us who DO care, and who are amazed by your strength and spirit!


Wow, Beth. I don't even know what to say about that kind of insensitivity. That woman obviously has some serious issues. I'm so sorry you had to endure it, all for the beautiful trees for your beautiful boys.


You were so justified in your feelings. That's like finding a nurse or a doctor who doesn't know how to deal with sickness or death. Bedside manner. It is everything in some cases. Sorry you ended up with a B****.

Sharon - MomGenerations

Dear Beth,
The journey to planting your sacred trees started long ago. I know that you believe these words... "A tree is the work of centuries." Think of the seeds upon seeds upon seeds that began the seedlings of what are now the great-great-great grandchildren of those seedlings - your James & Jake Lollipop Crabapple trees. The heavenly coincidences that brought you to that nursery were not coincidences at all. Those Lollipop Crabapples were telling you that they needed you. They needed care and nurturing and love. They needed to represent the most precious lives. They needed to be needed. The owner and employee did not even know that there were 2 Lollipops there? It's because they didn't care. YOU DID. The trees did. James & Jake did. Your sister did. Brian and Ariel and Racecar did. Your mother did. You rescued those trees. They thank you. And in return, they will grow and thrive and give fruit... for all who cared about them. I thank God that you didn't return the Lollipops. Those Lollipops are works of art. They reach toward heaven. They listen to you. They will tell you great stories. They have so much inside them... just like you.

Love, Sharon


Please tell me the owner followed up, fired her, reprimanded her, SOMETHING! The owner should be FALLING over themselves trying to rectify the problem.


Beth, I am so sad for you and so f'ing mad at that beotch for being such an arse. She should have been fired for the way she talked to you, not once, but with the additional phone calls. Uncalled for and i am surprised you didn't knock her off her rocker, or send your husba back to do it for you. I am incensed on your behalf.

Don't let the horrible purchase experience ruin the enjoyment of your beautiful trees and the remebrance of your boys.

To Think Is To Create

After reading this post I was so angry and wanted to get in my car and go yell at somebody, preferably the beast in question.

But then I read Sharon's comment, and, well. I'm not mad anymore. The tree's journey had a little bump in the road (this awful altercation) but their place is with you. The beauty they possess will be gifted to you and your family. They are perfect and were meant for you.


Some People Call Me Mom


Just wow.

I'm sorry for that womans stupidity and for the pain she caused you.


What an utter and complete biotch! I am so sorry you had to deal with her.

Enjoy your trees, don't allow her to tarnish the meaning they hold for you in your heart. And lots of gentle hugs to you.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh, hon. I'm so sorry you had to go through that crap. That woman was just an ass.

Sharon hit the nail on the head. You rescued those trees from a vile situation. Love them. They are yours now.



That's just crazy... I can't believe her..

I hope you don't let that always taint your memory of the tree's.... I can't wait to see the tree's "grow up"

Rhonda (Mimi)

Oh my gosh Beth, I had so much I wanted to say to you until I read Sharon's comment....It is so true....you rescued those 2 little trees and they are so happy to be a part of your family who can love and nurture them. I SO get it what Sharon said. You turned Evil into Good! It WAS meant for you to buy them. That mean ole' lady reminds me of the wicked witch in the story books. I look forward to seeing how these trees do grow.

Sincerely Anna

She was way out of line and her excuses are worth squat - I'm so sorry this happened to you.


You want me to come there and return the trees for you? I'll even pay the little fees that they want to charge...There's a place up here that would give you much better service, granted that is awfully far to drive for trees but still. I'd be happy to come return them for you.
and yes, the trees were from the devil. That girl should be shot.


That girl really is evil. I know that I end up getting hypersensitive in those situations but even if you were she was still so out of line it was horrible. I really really hope that you draft a letter sharing how that employee repeatedly treated you including that last phone call. Please please write them a letter. I am not asking you to to "get" something but rather so that owner can know the kind of person she has employed and how that person treats customers.


As I wipe the tears away I know that in the end you have wonderful family and friends and you will get through this. What is really sad is that evil person has a small child that learns from mommy how to treat others. She seems to have no heart.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt

You were not too sensitive. Trees and babies notwithstanding, that was a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE failing at customer service. I think might have written the owners a letter.

Enjoy the trees and give her no more thought.


Beth, you are at the top of my list when I roam around my blogs...I think you're fantastic. I was ready to freak out about this idiotic woman, but then like the others I read Sharon's comment. (kudos for your words, Sharon) I feel better now...I hope you take comfort in all the positive around you; all the people who are projecting kind and loving wishes to you. The more thought you give to the negative part of this tree buying escapade, you are giving it power to grow. Put thought into the trees, and what they mean to you and your family...watch the good grow instead.
Love and Kindess, Andrea


I've been waiting for the conclusion of this story since you first posted about it. I had no idea how angry it would make me. Seriously angry. (Also, read Sharon's post and can I just say again that I wish she were my mom?) I hate that you were treated that way. You really didn't deserve it and I hope that her words and attitude towards you keeps her up at night until she finds a way to make it right. If you were here, I'd totally hug you and then we'd go throw eggs at her house. Or something.


I would have called the owner pretending to be another nursery and tell the owner that the nasty lady had applied for a new job at my nursery and that I was calling to check her references. Make her employer think that she is out looking for a new job.

But that's just mean old me :)


I agree with all that has been said. If it had been just one incident, well, we all have bad days. But the fact that you had multiple encounters with her and she was that rude throughotu makes me a little sorry that I consider myself a human being and there are such human beings out there. I would have listened to your story and in fact read your blog regularly in order to listen to your story.


I agree with all that has been said. If it had been just one incident, well, we all have bad days. But the fact that you had multiple encounters with her and she was that rude throughotu makes me a little sorry that I consider myself a human being and there are such human beings out there. I would have listened to your story and in fact read your blog regularly in order to listen to your story.


So now I want to move there so I can go to that store and tell them why I will not shop there. I can't believe anyone would be that insensitive. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that.

Adventures In Babywearing

Beth, this was one of the hardest posts of yours I've read, to get through, my heart hurts. I don't understand. I only imagine that this person is miserable and cold and already in her own Hell- otherwise there is no explanation for why anyone would treat ANYONE that way- no matter your story. I am so sorry you had to go through that.


Mary C

You are NOT being too sensitive! I would have cried my eyes out, too! She is a senseless, heartless person. I would write a letter to the owners letting them know exactly why you will not be patronizing their business anymore. Or, just send them a link to this post! HUGS!

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