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September 05, 2008



Wow, I am so sorry this had to happen to you. Some people...I don't even know - what are they thinking? That was soo rude of her, all three situations. And I'm shocked that the owner wasn't more involved/apologetic. Does she know what a rude employee she has? Unbelievable! But now you have your trees, and no one can ever make you forget your two precious boys!


NO WAY are you being too sensitive. I actually think you handled yourself wonderfully. Had it have been me, I don't know what I would have done but I guarantee you I couldn't have handled it as well as you did. I am glad you have those trees regardless of the situation, I am sure they will be loved and nurtured.


I'm SO going to have to know where this place is so that I can go in and be super shitty.


Maybe you should e-mail the owners this story, or a link to this blog. They need to know how their clerks are treating valued customers.


UGH! I am so sorry that something that means so much to you had to be marred by the insensitivity of that girl. She is in the wrong business. If she weren't, she wouldn't be hardened by people's stories. You handled it wonderfully.

Maybe the trees were meant to be so that this person could hear from you about her attitude? Maybe she'll remember this experience the next time a customer has a story they want to share with her? I hope so.


Wow~just wow. I just can't even believe someone could be that heartless. It is astounding, given that she had so many chances to redeem herself. Part of me thinks you should send them the link, write a letter, call the newspapers, etc..., but that would just be continuing the cycle of negativity. I'm not sure what the lesson is (perhaps forgiveness, but ugh that would be hard when you are dealing with Beelzebub herself). I'm just glad you kept the trees. I hope they thrive and always remind you of your sons.


Beth, I am so sorry you had to deal with this person. You are so strong for not pouncing on her when you had the chance. She obviously has no clue. Don't waste anymore time thinking about her...she is NOT worth it. She will get hers someday. You have four beautiful blessings in your life. Continue to share them with all of us...Thank you for writing.

Laura H.

I am so sorry that jerkface treated you like that. You definitely werent or arent being too sensitive. I would have made my husband call the owners and tell them of their rude employee! Thank you for sharing the story of what happened though.


This story made me sick to my stomach. I was going to marvel at her insensitivity, but that's not quite right. She knew exactly what she was doing/saying with her tone and words, and that's being intentionally hurtful, not oblivious and insensitive. She's a cold, awful woman. And I am proud of you for what you said to her; not giving her attitude a free pass --- regardless of whether or not your words made an impact. Try to focus on the meaning of the trees...of your special boys' places in your heart.

sarah m.

That woman/beast is absolutely unbelievable! It's sad to hear that someone can be so cold & heartless. If she can't feel the tiniest bit of compassion for a mother who's experienced such a loss, especially since she's a mother herself, then there's just no hope for her. But like Sharon said (wow, her words were amazing), your beautiful trees need you now. More so than you probably ever knew until you had to deal with that woman. They're a part of your loving home now, which is just where they belong.


What a bitch. Sorry, it just came out.

Thank goodness you have given those trees a good home and wonderful memories to come.


What a B! That's all I can say! How can anyone be so rude and selfish and uncaring? I love your blog. I lost a baby at 6 weeks and can't imagine what you are going through. I have had another miracle since then and know how fortunate I am. You would think the owners would have repremanded her for her behavior.


my email is on the way to you. I can't wait to find out what store that is so I can return the love back to them. I am amazed at how harsh and cold some people can be.


Hi Beth. I did e-mail to ask for the name of the place; just want to make sure I don't ever or currently visit there. She sounds like a heartless b****. And I would hope nobody reading your blog would say you are too sensitive. That's just not the case. It's called real life. And it hurts, especially when you get unsensitive people who are just stupid and then even lie. What the hell was she trying to prove? Hang in there ... it will come back to her.


Oh Beth - my gut was sick reading your story, the story I have been wondering about for so long.

But then I laughed when you said, "jerk face from the jerk face store" There were so many cuss words that would fit in that sentence, but your non-cuss words were the perfect choices.

Again, I'm willing to come through and go to the mattresses for you if needed. Just say the word.

And I think you should publish the store's name. Why are you protecting them? I'd be shouting it from the mountaintops (ok, no mountains in Indiana, but from the highest dune I could climb).

What she did to you is just horrible and my friends here have coined a term for women like her - the wombless woman.

I have another word too, but since you've refrained from cussing tonight, I will too.

Hang in there, you're better than her.


I want to go there next time I visit and totally rip her a new one. How insensitive and ugly can one person be? I don't care how many stories she's heard- she should feel blessed that she was allowed in someone else's life to be a spirit to listen and comfort whenever possible. I am so sorry, I truly want to hurt this woman very badly- the way she hurt you. I got yo'back, B!


wow. I have no words. I am so, so very sorry you had such an ugly encounter with such a person!

I am, however, very glad you rescued those two very special trees.

Shannon River

Wow. I'm a bit floored by this. Wow. I can feel her evilness practically coming through my monitor, like this poison or something. For her to freaking call you BACK and HARASS you like that the next day... that was just over the top.

Have you considered writing the owner a letter? Not expecting anything to come of it other than the owner could know the girl called you to harass you. Twice, actually.


I hate that bitch, too! I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel, I had a very similar experience with a heartless piece of crap just a couple weeks after Anna died. I find myself wishing people like that could experience a loss like that for just one day. Obviously I wish losing a child on noone (even heartless peices of crap) but damn, 5 minutes with that kind of pain will bring anybody down to earth.


You are NOT being sensitive. Gosh, what a heartless biatch. Excuse the language, but I can't think of another word. I am so, so sorry Beth!


It's a shame that there are people who are just so wrapped up in themselves they are unable to have compassion for others. Particularly in this case, that this woman made a point to call back to make the following day frustrating as well.

God Bless you and may the idea and purpose of the trees eventually blot out the experience in acquiring them.

Wishing you peace.


I am so sorry for your pain.

I always find that people are mean when they are really damaged inside. I don't blame you for being angry. I probably would have gone ballistic in your place.

Maybe we should all pray for her, because a hurt that causes someone to behave that way must be very deep and she better hope that she never has to endure the loss that you have gone through. God may someday show her how truly hurtful she was.

Despite how these trees came to you, I hope they provide you with peace and a small amount of comfort. Maybe these trees need you as much as you need them.

God bless you and your family. Don't let this woman take one more ounce of your energy.


OMG!?!?! I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!?! What's done is done, i know...BUT, do the owners know how one of their employees displays customer service? I agree with Sharon, you definately rescued those beautiful trees and gave them life ... HOWEVER, she needs to be fired. I hope the owners somehow read your blog and see what a horrible person they have selling for them.

God bless!
oh and p.s. ... don't let Katie fool you with all those Mojitos ... she's still mean even w/o them?! She could kick that girls' arse!! ;) hee hee


That is awful! I'm so sorry for you...

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