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September 06, 2008


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

We love you, Beth.


No need to thank us! We should thank you for constantly keeping us entertained. I love your blog because you are so real. You don't hesitate to let it all hang out and you are hysterical some times, lol. That's really refreshing. Good luck with the wordpad switch. I've been doing my best to move over to moveable type and it's complicated, lol. I may try wordpress instead as it's a little easier to navigate. I can't wait to see it. :D


We love you too. If you weren't you, we wouldn't be stopping by daily. Hope that makes sense!


And WE thank YOU Beth. For being so honest and open about your feelings, and your life. It is a joy to read your blog, and it helps me out in some way everytime I come here. We love you back!

Isn't the internet great? 10 years ago, we would never have "known" each other!


You know I have to say, I love reading your blog but also, this is one of the rare places where I usually hang around to read most if not all of the comments too. I love your readers as well! Thanks Beth, for having such a wonerfully welcoming blog that does feel like it's own community.


Ashley @ mrs007.net

you are so sweet :) We keep coming back here reading, crying, laughing, nodding in agreement and getting pissed off at stupid evil people because of one reason. You.

You are a treasure and THAT is what keeps bringing us back here every day. Oh...and I bet I speak for most all of your readers when I say I think we would all like to meet you in person too. Keep on keepin on Beth!

designher momma

Oh I totally know how you feel with your readers. Don't you just wish you could have a "Folding Laundry" bloggy meetup? You know it would be the best.


While lacking in comments the past little while, I still read and pray for you daily. You are such a huge inspriration for so many people.

Mrs. Schmitty

Awwww..what a sweet post!! I love ya girlie!


You rock! ;o) Have a great weekend!



What a beautiful post. We all love you to girl....We will hopefully meet soon....


You have some wonderful readers! They have loved on me all day. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Tara R.

I've been reading your posts in google reader and realized I haven't clicked over to comment in awhile. Just wanted you to know I'm still reading and I'm still praying.

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

yay for a new blog!!! and you're so awesome... it goes both ways chicka!

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh Beth, I think the same thing. I feel that this pregnancy, that Ivy, in a very supernatural way has a connection with your James & Jake. Not only from my heart to hers, but just in some unexplainable way.


Mary C

You know why I come here, Beth? because you are REAL. We love you!


You are thanking us readers, but we should be thanking you. Thank you for your openness about your life. I come back every day since you lost your precious boys. Mostly to check on you to see if you are OK. I never comment. I am a lurker in these halls of the blog world. But know I am clicking on everyday and thinking about you and your boys.
PS- That story you wrote about the trees....gosh I hate that woman and trust me, if I am ever in Indiana...I won't stop there!!!


Thank YOU for constantly reminding me what is important.


Is yoga pants and no bra not a good fashion statement? Because I think it should be, and I swear I'm not saying that just because I happen to be wearing that EXACT outfit right now. No cereal stuck to me, but there are some odd stains on the black tank top that may be dried milk.

Musings of a Housewife

Oooh! I can't wait to see your new home!

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